Chantalle and Robert

How We Met: Robert and I met the first day of law school orientation when he asked if the seat next to me was taken. Law school orientation is full of short lectures by faculty and other law students to impart wisdom on the new students.

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During that first day, one instructor was stressing the importance of relationships when she noted that you never know who you are sitting by, and that she had just come back from a wedding of two students. I thought to myself, “Don’t get any ideas, buddy.”


Little did I know that Robert and I would start studying together and spend countless hours learning more about each other than our studies those first few months.


how they asked: Jump to two years later, Robert and I planned a trip to New York because neither of us had the chance to visit before and Robert’s best friend was living there. We planned out all of our “must-see” places and all the activities we wanted to do. The day of the proposal we planned to go to a Yankees game. When I asked what we would do afterwards since we had done everything on our list, Robert slyly said that we were going to Brooklyn Bridge Park afterwards.


I suspected something was up at this point because he had not mentioned this before hand. Also, Robert told me that he made reservations, but wouldn’t tell me the name of the restaurant because I would look it up (which I would have). We walked around Brooklyn Bridge Park, rode Jane’s Carousel, and watched the sun set behind the Manhattan skyline.

When it came time for dinner, we were having a wonderful time. We had just finished our main course when a restaurant personnel came to our table to apologize. Robert’s best friend had called earlier that day to order us a bottle of wine, but the restaurant hadn’t brought it out in time. The restaurant gave us a complimentary cheese platter and mini dessert plate so we could enjoy the bottle of wine before our dessert course.

Robert and I had just finished the mini dessert plate when he said that he thought he was having an allergic reaction. Robert is allergic to tree nuts; almonds in particular. I asked if he was sure because the restaurant had been vigilant in asking if we had any allergies or dietary restrictions from the beginning. After a minute, Robert told me to stay seated as he went to talk to the manager.

It turned out that one of the mini desserts had traces of almond flour. The restaurant immediately gave him benadryl. While he was taking the benadryl, I told our server that we were going to forego dessert because I had to get Robert back home. After drinking wine and taking benadryl, I was sure I would be carrying home a drowsy boyfriend.

When Robert returned to the table I told him the plan to leave immediately. However, Robert insisted that we take a picture outside and informed me that one of the restaurant staff said he would take the picture for us. The staff member led us out to a little patio area on the side of the restaurant and as we were taking pictures Robert got down on one knee, held out my dream ring and said, “Almonds or not, I am doing this!”


He didn’t realize until later that he didn’t technically ask me to marry him. But, of course, I said, “You don’t have to say anything else. Yes, I will marry you.”

So while the evening was the most romantic time of our lives until Robert’s allergic reaction, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Like my best friend said, “It wouldn’t be your story if something like this didn’t happen and it was all romantic.”

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Note: I didn’t name the restaurant because even though Robert inadvertently ingested almonds, we still had an amazing time and we would recommend the restaurant. The staff handled the situation in a professional manner and we are thankful for everything they did.