Chantal and Garrett

How We Met

Her Side: The Sexy Cowboy

I believed in the meaning of “Love at First Sight” during the Summer of 2014. I was at The U of A beginning my second semester and had just turned 21. I was entering a fresh start and was in a rocky relationship at home. It was “Work Week” for my sorority preparing for Fall Recruitment. Of course, we were not allowed to mingle with boys, socialize outside of our sorority or stay out late during this time. Regardless of all that, Karlie and I decided to go to our friends’ kickback anyways.

As soon as I saw Garrett, I couldn’t stop looking. In came this tall, dark haired guy. We didn’t speak this entire party.. besides for our quick introduction to one another, where all he did was make fun of me for bringing wine to the event. Garrett played beer pong all night with his friend. As he was playing, Garrett and I had locked eyes on one another. We had this connection from opposite ends of the room.

So, I’m thinking after over an hour of staring at one another why doesn’t this guy lose a game and talk to me. As time passed, Garrett began to grab his things and speak small talk. After that, everyone left to go to the bars. So of course, I was like “well that was so lame.” All we got out of that was us staring at one another and flirting from opposite sides of the room.

Little did I know..about 20 min. Later, he came back. My friends tell me to answer the door as they look out the window for who was knocking. So I answer the door, to Garrett standing in front of me. His pickup line was “guess what frat I’m in?” And I’m like what. Haha so as I’m looking at my friends inside for help, I replied with “Pike?” And he states “wrong; I’m a GDI (not in a fraternity).” So then he says “I want to take you out on a date and I’m going to give you my number, so you make the choice if you want to see me again.” And I thought wow that is some confidence, how cute for a guy to come back and still have a game.

His Side: The Redhead

The first time I saw Chantal was at a little get together about a week or two before school started in August of 2014. I found myself in Tucson a few weeks before school started and one night my roommate, Nick, had told me about a little get together with some people he worked with at the Retreat. Needless to say, my inability to turn down a good time ended up changing my life forever.

We showed up at the house, and after walking through the door we are introduced to a few people, one of them was Chantal. I noticed she was drinking wine, and of course, me trying to be cool said: “who brings wine to a party.” I gave her a hard time because I was trying to flirt with her. As the night went on, I kept staring at her, trying not to break eye contact to let her know that I was interested in her. She just kept staring back at me! I never had the chance to talk to her at the party because Dylan and I were running the beer pong table as nobody had before. It was getting late, and we had a DD, so we decide to leave the party. I went without saying goodbye to the girl in the corner.

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On the way home I start talking about how hot I thought this girl was and how I wish I would have given her my number. The driver says I bet you don’t give her your number if I turn around. I said if you turn this car around I’ll give her my number. He turns around, and I knock on the door and low and behold, the redhead answers the door. I was in shock. I tried to play it cool and told her that I wanted to take her out to dinner sometime next week. Instead of getting her number (I was drunk and nervous, so I wasn’t thinking straight) I gave her my number in hopes that she would text or call me! The next morning I woke up early and drive to Flagstaff to play a round of golf. The only thing I could think about was when/if this girl would text me. Finally, around 2 pm she finally reaches out to me with her name and a long text (she totally asked her friends what to say). The rest is history.

How They Asked

As one of our Christmas Traditions; we got decked out for the Dana Point Boat Parade. Garrett decided this would be a great opportunity to ask my parents for their blessing during the one lap around the harbor with a boat full of people and complete chaos. I had no idea what was going on, so of course, I was upset with him, since I did not understand how I kept on losing him during this one lap around the harbor, being on a boat together and in the middle of the ocean. (It was “where’s Waldo all night”)

A few weeks later Garrett decided to come to California for Christmas. I did not understand why he wanted to come to California so bad since he knew the amount of chaos we have during the holidays. I still did not catch on during this time.

Us kids had a Christmas Party the night that Garrett came into town. That night Garrett spilled the beans at this party after me catching on.. that I was getting a Dyson Blow Dryer for Christmas!

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My Grandparents may have overheard the secret during the Boat Parade. So of course, everyone seemed a little on edge during the celebrations to keep it a secret so that I wouldn’t catch on.

Every Christmas Eve, my mom takes my brothers to lunch, and my dad takes my sister and me to lunch. (It’s always a competition on who does the best lunch date) This year Garrett joined my mom and brothers for lunch and was hoping to tell my brothers the secret. My mom and dad kept this a secret from everyone (which is very hard to do in our family)

My mom chose to take them to the Ritz Carlton this year for lunch on the beach and make it extra special. Garrett saw this as the perfect opportunity to tell the boys..until, Corbin and Chase decided to talk about every down right inappropriate topic you could think of talking about at the table during this luxurious lunch. Garrett couldn’t seem to find the right time to tell them he was going to ask me since the general topic was lots of “TMI” of course. (Since we have no filters)

After both our lunches, we met up at Church followed by traditional matching pajamas and our family Christmas Eve movie. The movie we chose this year was “The Night Before” with Seth Rogan. (Such a family movie…)

Garrett hid the ring inside our Christmas Tree branches, and I did not see it at all during this week. However, I was fumbling around underneath and in the branches of the Christmas Tree, since our kittens’ primary goal in life, that week was to climb to the top of the tree. (Garrett was sweating each time)

Garrett asked me after all the gifts were opened (even my gift- the blow dryer). I was helping my mom in the kitchen when my Grandpa asked to take a picture of Garrett and I by the Christmas Tree- I thought nothing of this since my Grandpa is always taking photos of us. Garrett handed me a small wrapped box from the tree and said: “it says your name on it.” So of course, I’m like who is it from, and he says, “no idea.” Usually, I can catch onto his fibs, and he played it off so cool, so I honestly did not even think of it being a ring. It was also written in cursive which threw me off.

I started opening the present and didn’t notice everyone gathering behind the couch. I heard my brothers talking about stocks and my sister giggling so it seemed so normal. Little did I know, they were about to be surprised too!

Garrett got down on one knee and asked me on Christmas morning, underneath our family Christmas Tree with my loved ones surrounding me. It was the biggest surprise of my life, in the best, most perfect way and of course, I said YES! It was the best Christmas ever!

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