Chantal and Alfredo

About two years ago, I decided to work at a movie theater with the hopes of becoming more independent since i just had started college. About two weeks after i was hired, right before The Dark Knight Rises premiere, Alfredo was hired. When I walked up to him to introduce my self, I had a gut feeling that this guy would make a huge positive impact in my life. Our love for movies brought us together so being with him was like being in a real life movie.

About a year into our dating, we moved into our first apartment together, ready to start a life together. Three months later, on a Friday, Alfredo went to the Robbins Brother’s store to look for an engagement ring. Originally, I had fallen in love with a ring. Since it was not in our budget, he surprised me on the following Monday by taking me to the store to pick out any others I had liked. I looked around and glanced to the glass right in front of the entrance and noticed this beauty sitting there. This was the only ring I tried on at the store and in that moment, I knew that this ring was it.

A week later at 11:18 at night (he actually kept the time) , we were having a little trouble communicating when it came to our bills. After the little conflict we had, he walked into the living room and I stayed in bed. Eventually, he walked back in. The room was dark so I only saw his shadow walking into the room. Eventually he knelt down in front of me and starting talking about our history. “When I met you, I was too scared to say hello. Being with you these past two years has been amazing. You saw my niece and nephew grow up, you picked me up when I fell. You laugh at my lame jokes but most of all, there is no one else I’d rather see walking down the aisle to me.”

Out of no where, he opens the ring box. The ring box had a little light inside and when he opened the box, the whole room lit up and the light accented my dream ring.

At this point, I started to cry and he asked “Marry me?”

Knodding my head up and down, I hugged him tight and he says, “so, is this a yes?”

I jumped out of the bed and said, Of course it does!!