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How We Met

One day in July of 2013, I decided to play around on a dating app called Tinder. I saw this handsome man with a great smile, and decided to swipe right. We instantly matched and Arlen messaged me right after! After great conversation and FaceTime calls, we decided to go on our first date for lunch at Saltgrass Steakhouse in Houston, Texas. I was so nervous walking into the restaurant but as soon as I saw Arlen seated at the table with that big smile, my apprehension flew right away. We sat there laughing and in disbelief at how much we had in common. Our chemistry was undeniable and we both couldn’t wait to see each other again. Reflecting on that first date, I knew that God had placed Arlen in my life for a reason. I fell instantly for Arlen. His charismatic personality, big heart, and amazing spirit won me over. Little did we know how our relationship would progress and how he would eventually propose to me three years later in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

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Arlen and I both love to travel! We enjoy exploring the world together and learning everything it has to offer. To celebrate our birthdays, we always pick an exciting place to visit and after careful consideration, we decided to celebrate my 27th birthday in September 2016 in Bermuda. We arrived in Bermuda on September 9th and enjoyed our first night at a popular restaurant and dance spot. The next day, we had a full itinerary ahead of us to visit several places in Bermuda’s historic downtown, followed by eating at a beautiful restaurant overlooking the harbor. While we were getting ready for the day, Arlen suggested we stop by a popular beach called Horseshoe Bay since it was rated one of the most beautiful in the world and we wouldn’t have time to see it later. Going with the flow, I decided why not. So we grabbed a cab from the hotel and headed to the secluded beach. Once we arrived, we took off our shoes and started to walk on the beach.

Channing and Arlen's Engagement in Bermuda

The atmosphere was perfect. We essentially had the entire beach to ourselves, minus a small family and a photographer taking pictures on top of a cliff. As we walked down the beach, Arlen began to reminisce about how far we had come and I jokingly said, “Yes, we have come a long way from Saltgrass Steakhouse in Texas”. Still very much oblivious to everything going on, we walked over to a small cove area where we saw a small boy point out what he thought was an airplane to his dad. I turned around to see it was a small drone hovering in the distance. Clueless again, I rationalized it was the photographer’s drone taking footage of the area.

Where to Propose in Bermuda

Before heading back to the cab we decided to climb up the cliff to get a better view of the gorgeous beach, and of course, snap a picture for all our friends and family back home. Once we got to the top of the hill, I saw the perfect place to capture the moment. I had Arlen stand right in the middle and overlook the water for the perfect shot. As I stepped back to take his picture, I saw a rose petals and balloons off righto the distance. I quietly told Arlen, “Wow, someone must really be planning a special moment today!” Arlen turned to me and said, “Let’s get this picture first and then we can go check it out”.

I proceeded with taking a few pictures and we walked over to look at the pretty decor setup. I got closer and in disbelief saw framed pictures of Arlen and I! I quickly whipped around just to see the same photographer we saw earlier on top of the cliff step out of the bushes. As soon as I turned back around to look at Arlen, he grabbed my hand and dropped down to one knee. He recalled all our sweet moments and ultimately asked me to be his wife! It was the easiest answer of my life and I tearfully said YES!

Amid all the excitement, my gum ended up dropping out of my mouth and into my hair! Clearly, I didn’t care because this was the happiest moment of my life (and thankfully you can’t see the see the gum in any of the pictures.) Kudos to our photographer: Alexander Masters!

After the amazing proposal, I got to meet the two local men responsible for capturing the moment for us. My fiancé hired a photographer to take pictures and another local to fly a drone to capture everything on video for our friends and family. He did research beforehand and even drew out a map, a true engineer at heart, for the guys to follow so they would know the exact route we would be walking.

A link to our engagement video with some of the drone footage After our proposal, we celebrated my birthday and enjoyed ourselves as a newly engaged couple for the rest of our trip.

True to our wanderlust hearts, Arlen and I, aka ChanLito, plan to say “I Do” in one of our favorite places in the world, Cabo, San Lucas! The ceremony will take place on June, 9th 2018. I can’t wait until the day I get to marry my man, my travel buddy, but most importantly my best friend! We hope you enjoyed our proposal story!

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