Chanlie and Clark

Proposal Ideas Mercy Lounge: Benefit concert for me (bride)

How We Met

Clark and I met in 2015 while I was working at my college job, Champy’s Chicken. Champy’s had always been one of Clark’s favorite places to eat, he even raved about it on national television while on American Idol. One day while passing through Chattanooga, he decided to eat lunch at Champy’s with some buddies and happened to lock eyes with me as I ran food to a nearby table. I went back inside and was preparing to leave work for the day when Clark walked up and introduced himself, “Hey I’m Clark, I come here often and have never met you before” “Hi, nice to meet you, I’m Chanlie! Can I help you? Is everything okay at your table?” Awkward beginnings turned into Instagram messaging that turned into dating and falling in love. Thank you Champys!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Mercy Lounge: Benefit concert for me (bride)

How They Asked

This year I decided to apply to dental school, a passion I have had since I was a child. Dental school is really expensive and Clark has a super giving heart. He decided to have a concert in our hometown, Nashville, and give all the proceeds to me to pay for dental school applications. All of our friends and family showed up to support me and everyone involved in the concert worked free of charge.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Mercy Lounge: Benefit concert for me (bride)

Prior to the encore, Clark called me backstage and told me he had a gift for me. A little blue box containing a diamond necklace. I turned around to thank him and found him on one knee asking me to do life with him for forever. We walked back out on stage to find over 200 people cheering for us. Clark ended the night by singing a song he wrote that very morning about me while I stood in the front row embraced by my family and friends.

Special Thanks

Cody Jacob
 | Photographer