Chanie and Blake

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How We Met

Blake and I first met when I was just 15 and he was 17. I was actually dating someone else at the time but decided to tag along with my friend Kendell so she wouldn’t be going alone to meet with some guy friends. We went to a near by coffee shop where her mom dropped us off. We waited for Blake and his friends inside the coffee shop so we weren’t embarrassed waiting in her moms car. When they got there we jumped in their car and Blake immediately asked, “So, what kind of car do yall drive?” We looked at each other real quick and responded with “Uhh, we’re only 15.” Apparently they did not know that and seemed to be a little shocked by it. We still laugh about this till this day. From there we went to his friend Ben’s house and watched them play guitar hero, I know very exciting. Before we knew it midnight rolled around and it was time for us to go home. Brandon decided to take us home on his way out and with no hesitation he asked me why I never responded to Blake’s Facebook message. (I got a lot of flack for this for a long time)

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I acted like I never got it, but I definitely did. I had a boyfriend, I couldn’t respond! Blake ended up texting me a few weeks later asking when I was going to be single, and weirdly enough my boyfriend and I had just broken up. He tried to act like he cared but later admitted he was actually excited. So, we finally went on our first date to go see a movie. I suggested that we get yogurt in Dallas after. I only knew how to get there and at this time we didn’t have or GPS’s. So needless to say we got lost on our way home and he was so embarrassed. Although, I didn’t care, I am not the best at directions myself. After our first date I knew there was just something about him that I really liked, something I never felt before. He was caring, sweet, handsome, and always kept me laughing, literally! Little did I know then, that I would be marrying this amazing man and I could not be happier! This was actually our first picture we took together back in 2009!

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how they asked

So, early in the week my sisters fiancé, Clay texted us saying that he had gotten asked to speak at the national kidney foundation again and asked if we would like to attend. We had no plans this weekend so we were in. We went two years ago and it was very formal, so an easy way to get me dressed up. Saturday rolls around and my family and I did a birthday brunch for my Dad’s birthday. Afterwards me, Caley, and Clay went to his apartment and hung out by the pool while Blake was “helping his dad put stuff in the attic.” I stayed for a little while after to help my sister decide what to wear that night. I even picked out a kidney pin for Clay to put on his jacket.

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We had dinner reservations at Meso Maya that evening and Blake being Mr. on time was rushing me out the door, and I ended up forgetting my phone at the house. (This time he seemed to be a little more worried about it than I was, but very terrible timing) And of course we were the first ones at dinner anyway. We ate dinner then went back to Clay’s apartment for a little to kill some time and have a drink or two. (; They had planned to ride in separate Ubers so they could get there first but really Clay claimed no Uber XL’s were available.

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So, they went first in their uber and Blake got one soon after. Some how we still ended up there first, so we waited for them in the lobby. They finally walk in and Clay hands me a drink and says that I need to drink it for him because he really needs to get in there. They rush to the elevator while Blake gets a “phone call” so we had to wait behind.

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He finally gets off the phone and we walk up to the elevator, the whole time I am thinking dang, he knows where he’s going. (But I still have no clue what’s coming) We get to the roof top of South Side and he kind of acts like he doesn’t know which way to go, so we just go left. As soon as we turn the corner he starts to explain why we are really here. As we walked down there are rose petals and candles with a huge heart at the end where he got down on one knee.

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Both of our families got to witness all of this as they are on the far side of us taking pictures. It was absolutely perfect! We hug our families and shed a few tears. (mainly me and my sister) My mom tells me to turn around, I have people watching. All of a sudden I hear lots of people screaming, all of our friends were on the roof top of Nylo and got to watch as well.

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We took lots and lots of pictures then headed over to Nylo to join our friends. And took even more pictures once we got there. It was by far one of the best days of my life thus far. Everything was so beautiful and perfect and more than I could have ever imagined!! I cant wait to be Mrs. Nulisch! (:

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Special Thanks

Mackenzie Castle
 | Photographer