Chanhda and Ben

familyphotoHow We Met: The year 2001 we met at work. He asked to see my phone and called himself to get my number. That’s how it all began.

Six years later we moved to NYC. Marriage was a topic but we were living in the moment. My thought was I’m going to be with you and grow old with you regardless of a marriage certificate.

We moved back to Cali.

Had a baby….revisit the idea of marriage…WE got engaged…after living life together for 10years

how they asked: I’ve always asked him to take family photos to capture our growing family. He always decline. August 19, 2011. He told me that we were going to the City (San Francisco) to take family pictures. I only had a day to shop for something and I wasn’t going to pass up the chance to finally take photos. He had a friend that wanted to build his photography portfolio so he advise me that his friend was taking are photos.

August 21, 2011 We arrive at the Golden Gate Bridge at the site seeing area. My cousin join just to get a photo session in too. Ben was on the phone trying to locate his friend. As we waited we decided to capture our own photos. As we are taking pictures and reviewing it, I get a tap on the shoulder from my cousin to look up in the sky.

I see an airplane with a sign attached “CHANDA WILL YOU MARRY ME?” I was in shock, in awe. I looked back at Ben and he was smiling, on one keen and saying words, probably a speech he prepared but I don’t recall. I was smiling, crying and keep asking if his friend was still showing up?

By stander are watching and one yelled “Did she say yes?” and that’s when I said “YES”…caught up in the moment and forgot how to response.