Chanelle and Havillan

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How We Met

It was a friends birthday party that I thought I wouldn’t attend – a headache is no fun when you’re out celebrating. “Just go for an hour or two”, I told myself as I got dressed. The restaurant we were at was full, crowded with a tiny space for me to dance – and we all know how much I need to dance when there’s a floor!

We sang for the birthday boy and hots soon followed on a tray as it was being passed down. By this time, I was on my 4th shooter and I vowed not to take another as I still needed to drive home. As I was being ambushed by my friends to just down the shot, I panicked. I turned around immediately, saw a guy behind me and hastily (but softly) said ‘quick, can someone just take this shot for me?’. It was him Havillan, a very handsome young man who I have never met in my life, stretched out his hand, took the shot and gave the glass back to me. Of course, I turned right around to my friends and acted as if that shooter was oh-so-yummy, er, not!

A few days later, I was tagged in a group photo on Facebook, Havillan was in it too. He sent me a friend request, and well… the rest (as they say) is history.

how they asked

I woke up on Saturday morning, 3rd September thinking to myself ‘YAY – Wine tasting with the crew!’, because that’s what I was told. All my friends made plans to go wine tasting that day whilst Havillan was working in Kimberly for the weekend. I got dressed, slipped on one of my favourite dresses and off we went. The wine tasting estate in Stellenbosch was beautiful – clean cut grass, splashing water feature, and a tree hedged path that lead to the entrance. We saw, we tasted, and we were soon on our way to explore the rest of the estate.

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Ten minutes into walking, I looked up… there he stood, the love of my life, under a tree in the distance. When I saw Havillan, my first thought was ‘what is he doing here? He is meant to be in Kimberly!’

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As my heart started racing, so did my feet as I attempted to pick up the pace in my five-inch heels. I was surrounded by our family and our closest friends as I made my way to him. His gorgeous smile I could spot from a mile away, looking handsome as ever in a crisp shirt and red bowtie.

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I ran into his arms, and it was at that moment, I knew my entire world was about to change. He told me how much he loves me, how he can’t picture his future without me, how much of a better person I make him… he went down on his knee, and at that moment all I could see was his face – yes, even through my tears.

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Everything and everyone else around us became background noise.

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Havillan and I were the only two people on the earth for that minute. He took a breath, used my full name as he looked into my eyes and asked me to be his wife. It was the best decision I have ever made to say yes to this amazing man.

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My heart began overflowing with a million emotions and I swear it was about to beat out of my chest. It was the most romantic thing to have ever happened to me and I am still on cloud 9 each morning when I open my eyes. Since the first time we said “I love you” I have lived every single day knowing undoubtedly that this was the man I would marry and spend the rest of my life with.

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