Chanelle and Evan

Chanelle and Evan's Engagement in Positano, italy

How We Met

The Perfect Match: I’ve always heard about so many couples meeting online and a few friends were telling me I should try it. It was my cousins wedding in 2016 and her soon-to-be husband and I were having a conversation and once again, online dating got brought up. So, I finally gave in and joined

I really didn’t think I’d find anyone worth-while on there (I kinda thought, “what loser is going to be dating online” haha) but I figured it was worth a shot. I met him after only a few days of signing up and instantly, I could tell he was different than the other guys I had come across. I will say the main thing that drew me to him was not only our shared interests of travel, fitness and photography, but also that he stood by his word and made the effort. At first when we were messaging on apparently some of his messages weren’t coming through to my phone so we exchanged phone numbers instead. I guess he was low-key “freaking out” and as he was bombarding me with texts, I almost turned the other way and was thinking, “what a weirdo to be texting me so much. Why is he so clingy?” Haha but hearing about it now, he said that he was just worried i wasn’t getting any of his messages and he didn’t want me to think he was ignoring me! When he asked me out on a date, I had to give him the bad news.. that I was currently living in Las Vegas. So a date wouldn’t be happening any time soon. I had set my area to California since I was planning on moving from Vegas in the next 4 months and didn’t want to meet anyone in Vegas. We continued to talk and do the “long distance thing” until we eventually had a real first date about a month later when I came to California to visit family. We had our first date at the beach and it felt like we had known each other for months. Ironically I’ve always said my perfect date would be to have a picnic, with wine and cheese at the beach to watch the sunset (I never told him that). But that’s exactly what we did on our first date. It was perfect. From that point on, we did long distance while I lived in Vegas and saw each other every few weeks. I felt like it was too good to be true but here we are today and I guess my skepticism of online dating has been proven wrong! It was a chance I took and completely worth it. The clinginess I had mistaken him for was actually his genuine efforts for someone he truly saw potential in.

how they asked

Evan booked a trip to Italy for us, knowing it’s been my #1 on my bucket list! Instantly, everyone thought he would be proposing. I told them, it’s not what everyone thinks haha. We literally travel to a new place every month. In 2017 alone we had travelled to 4 countries and 5 different states. We LOVE to travel! And the truth was, he really did just book the Italy trip because he knew it has been somewhere I’ve wanted to go my entire life.

Leading up to our Italy tripped I looked for signs of a proposal but I saw nothing. He wasn’t nervous and I didn’t suspect a ring box at all. In fact, one morning I noticed he had his bag and suitcase wide open with everything taken out because he was re-organizing. I took a picture and sent it to my best friend saying, “Nope. Not happening this trip.” Even though I didn’t think it was going to happen that trip, everyone else’s comments were kind of in the back of my head because you just never know… and to be honest, that would’ve been pretty amazing!!

Where to Propose in Positano, italy

That same day we traveled to Positano on the Amalfi coast in Italy. Seriously SO beautiful!! We checked in and instantly he puts his stuff down, changes his clothes in like 3 seconds and I’m just like, “whoa! Ok, are we getting ready? what should I wear? Are we exploring the town or the beach first?” I start fixing my hair and makeup and changing to go explore the town! (we hadn’t just gotten off the train, bus and taxi ride over). I had said that I wanted to get a picture of us with the view of the street town in the background so while I got ready he was setting up the camera and tripod. He called for me to come, take a picture. When I stepped outside….BAM! there he was, on one knee with the ring out. Just like that haha. There he was proposing in Italy! I feel like it all went by so fast. Luckily he was actually recording a video and we got the entire proposal from 3 different views (I didn’t notice the hidden cameras on the balcony he had set up). I attached the video from our trip. It’s a long one but if you fast forward to around minute 13:00 you will see us arriving in Positano! Despite everyone’s comments, i truly didn’t think it was going to happen during that trip so it was still a total surprise and I was in complete shock!

Our Video

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