Chanel and Rob

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How We Met

Rob and I went to high school together. I always thought he was one of the cool kids, and he thought the same of me. The first time I really remember meeting Rob was in grade 10 English class, he’d come sit in the empty desk beside me, just to bother me, like any 16 year old boy does. We started getting close and spending time together the last winter of high school; at the ski hill, between classes, at parties; we had lots of mutual friends. We went on our first official date on my 18th birthday, we went to see How to Train your Dragon, and I was so expecting a goodnight kiss, which didn’t happen that night ;) We officially began dating on April 10th, 2010 :)

how they asked

Rob and I have been running together for about 4 years now. We’ve both run marathons, many half marathons and countless fun run and other races, both apart and together. In the past year since Rob got his GoPro camera we’ve been taking it with us, which we set up to take some fun timed running pictures. So when Rob said he wanted to join me on my run on the 31st before he had to go to work, and suggested we bring the camera it was nothing out of the ordinary. At about 3 miles, after the sun came up, we stopped to set up the tripod to start our mini photo shoot. after a few runs back and forth, Rob suddenly jumped in front of the camera, stopped me in my tracks, and got down on one knee in the snow. He pulled the diamond ring off from his pinky finger under his glove where it has been for the first 30 minutes. When he asked me to marry him, I obviously said yes, and I think I floated the rest of the 2 miles home. No photographer needed, just a GoPro remote and some good timing skills ;)

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