Chandy and Nick

How We Met

Flashback to the spring of the 2010-2011 school year. It was my freshman year at Old Dominion University, I had joined a sorority, and we were beginning our Greek Week activities. After one of the events, my best friend, Avery, and I were sitting out on the ledge outside of the Webb Center. We had been teamed up with other chapters, and some of the guys from Sigma Pi came over to talk to us. While the story is a little unclear of who was actually wanting to talk to who, all I know is that all of a sudden Nick had stolen my flip-flop right off my foot…AND THREW IT ON TOP OF THE LION (the fountain in the middle of campus). In short, I was mad, he had to go get it back, and I was not interested.

Over the next few months, Nick and I continued to hang out due to our friend Avery and other various friends and events. During this time, Nick continued to show little ways that he was interested such as buying me ice cream, hanging out, texting, etc, although many of the times I truly was oblivious and really just thought he was being nice. Eventually, I finally caught on and realized that I had actually fallen head over heels for the dumb boy who stole my flip-flop, and the next 6 years flew by.

how they asked

On Friday, June 29th, I was in Richmond visiting with my mom for the day. Nick had mentioned that we would do something that weekend so I planned to drive home that evening so we could have the weekend together (you know, hoping that this would FINALLY happen). The next morning, we woke up and Nick said that we were going to go to the Virginia Beach Farmer’s Market. So I got dressed, put on my makeup, did my hair, and we went out in the unbelievably hot morning. We had a great time trying mead and buying fresh fruit and veggies, and then we headed home.

Chandy's Proposal in Old Dominion University

Needless to say, I was disappointed.

When we got home, Nick told me that he was going to go hang out with his friend Alex. I was not happy since I had thought that we were spending the weekend doing something fun since I’d come back from Richmond. I pouted, he left. A little while later, I received a text that said, “there’s a box under my side of the bed, open it.” I was still mad so I almost didn’t open it right away, but I finally gave in because it was a weird request and I was curious.

I opened the box to find a flip-flop and the following the note….

I immediately began freaking out! (Although, hadn’t this been what I was hoping for so I shouldn’t have been that surprised?!) I called my mom immediately and began texting my friend Abby who had wanted me to meet up with her that day at Norfolk’s Harbor Fest. I had so much time to kill and sitting around just waiting was killing me. My mom convinced me to go up to the Ulta down the street and see if they could squeeze me in for hair and makeup. Thankfully, they were able to! I showed the girl my note, and she immediately got to work! By the time I left, I felt amazing and full of butterflies!

The whole drive to Norfolk, I was so nervous I couldn’t even think straight! I seriously had to ask my friend Hannah where I should even park (even though I spent 5 of years of my life at this school). When I finally parked, I took a deep breath and headed towards the fountain where we had met all those years ago.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Old Dominion University

Nick met me halfway and walked me over in front of the fountain. He got down on one knee and proceeded to ask me the one thing I’d been waiting forever to hear, “Will you marry me?” and of course, I said Yes! In the moment, I was so excited that I forgot to give him my hand to put the ring on, so he actually had to ask me if I was going to let him. Afterward, we took a few photos with the most amazing photographer, called all of my family, and went off to meet his parents for dinner to surprise them with the news in person! I truly can’t wait to spend the rest of forever with this amazing man.

Special Thanks

Amanda Burke Robbons