Chandra and Tyler

Image 1 of Chandra and Tyler

How We Met

We met at Knight’s Steakhouse downtown Ann Arbor when he was serving me and my family for dinner. When I arrived at the table he asked to take my jacket and went to hang it up on their coat rack. My mom leaned over and goes “that was weird…he didn’t take any of our jackets”, and that’s when I looked over and noticed my coat was the only one hanging up in the whole restaurant. Once he came back to our table my mom started pointing out how cute he was, and I of course agreed. By the end of dinner, I asked my mom (jokingly at first) if I should leave my number on the receipt. She reached right into her purse and handed me a pen! I ended up writing it down and finally received a text from him later that night, and the rest is history!

How They Asked

I received many questions on not only how Tyler proposed to me, but how I ended up wearing all white on that specific day. We were originally planning on going up to Traverse City to celebrate our two-year anniversary and ended up deciding to get a small group together as well. On the first day, we planned on going to our favorite winery, Mari Vineyards, and were going to take nice pictures of everyone with all the gorgeous views. If you know me you know I always want a new outfit for everything, so I ended up ordering a red jumpsuit online. Long story short, even with express shipping it never got delivered in time and I had to go shopping at the mall. The white jumpsuit was the only one I found that I loved, and it was on sale! As for the nails, I was planning on getting red with cherries on two of them (for Traverse City), however my mom managed to talk me out of it, and I ended up getting white with rose gold to match my jumpsuit. Once we arrived at our Airbnb, we all got dressed up nice and headed out. We arrived at the winery and it was quite windy up on the hill, so we decided to head down by the cellar to take some pictures and give each other our anniversary gifts. Tyler handed me a giftbag that had a heart necklace laying in the bottom. It was quite odd at first, as once I got it out of the bag he started explaining how it fell out of the car once we got to the Airbnb and was stepped on. He kept going on about how he hid in the bathroom trying to get the scratches out by using toothpaste and a dryer sheet (LOL). I turned around for him to put it on me, and unbeknownst to me- my brother managed to sneak over and slip the ring box into Tyler’s back pocket. I then hear “but I ended up getting a backup present”, and next thing I know he was down on one knee asking me to marry him! The rest was a blur, as I was just over the moon at the fact that we were finally engaged! I am so excited to spend forever with this man and I can’t wait for the day we get to say I do.