Chandra and Anthony's Beach Proposal in Bali

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How We Met

One cold winter day in 2014, I received a text message from Radha (cousin in-law) saying that she found the perfect guy for me. Radha asked if I could recall the house party she attended with me while I was visiting Georgetown, Guyana. I said yes, Radha then told me that her friend’s (Andrew) brother inquired about me after seeing our picture uploaded onto Andrew’s Facebook page. Andrew’s brother (Anthony) was inquisitive about the strange girl who was at his house in Guyana. It was a new face he’d never seen before. Anthony reached out to Radha asking for information about me. Radha then reached out to me and said Anthony fits my criteria for what I like in a man. Her exact words to me were “he’s tall, nice teeth and clean nails”. I said ooh, and she continued to tell me about him and finally, I agreed to exchange contact details.

I reached out to Anthony. We got to know each other over phone calls, text messages and Face-time the next few weeks and all I remembered was laughing all the time together and thinking that it felt so easy talking with him. We finally decided to meet up. At first I was very scared and nervous, so I gave him my sister’s address. When he called and told me that he was 10 minutes away, I then told him my real address (LOL). Our first date took place on January 6, 2014. We went to dinner and a movie (we saw American Hustle). We hit it off immediately and met again the next couple of weeks. I was struck by how alarmingly right it felt and how natural our dynamic was. He was amazed at how comfortable and happy I was. Time flew by happily that day, just like it would for the next few years and it’s been an amazing adventure for the two of us ever since! And now we’re here planning our wedding!

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how they asked

We talked about marriage and knew without a shadow of a doubt that were going to get married. It really only came down to the guessing game of when Anthony was going to pop the question. I kept guessing and asking him many times, he would just smile and say you just have to wait.

We planned a trip to Bali for my birthday and I didn’t think anything of it. Anthony arranged a private dinner on the beach. I figured this was because we agreed to have my birthday dinner in Bali since we were busy the week leading up to our trip. As we arrived at the beach entrance and walked towards the gazebo, I noticed a man with a camera started taking pictures of us.

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As we walked closer to the gazebo, I noticed written out in the sand “WILL YOU MARRY ME” with candles lit in a heart shaped. Anthony then went on his knee and said “Chandra, ever since we met, I knew you were the women I’ve waited my life for. I can’t think of anyone else I would want to spend the rest of my life with, will you marry me?” As I stared at him in shocked, I could feel my eyes becoming teary.

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I finally answered, “YES, YES, I will marry you!” Anthony slipped the ring on my finger and we just stood there hugging one another. After the shock wore off, we started our dinner and couldn’t stop smiling and hugging one another. Pure and honest love was in the air- it was one of the best moments of our lives!!!

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