Chandley and Josh

how we met

We first meet when we were kids through our dads who played in a band together.

how they asked

Whew! To start off, I didn’t make it easy. One day, I stopped by Josh’s house to study on my way to class. When I walked in, one of his neighbors was sitting in the living room. Despite their efforts to disguise their reason for being there, I had a pretty good idea. They were waiting to sign for the ring. Oops. Fast forward less than a week. We got engaged on a Saturday. That day we spent like most. We had a relaxed day at the house with plans to go on a bike ride that afternoon. Once afternoon rolled around I decided against going biking and instead insisted on taking a nap. Come to find out, he was going to propose on the bike ride. Once I woke up from my poorly timed nap and Josh finished pacing for a new plan we went about the day. After an attempt to surprise me again by placing the ring right in front of me, in my sleepiness I didn’t notice it. A little later I turned the corner to the living room and there he was on a knee. To finish off the night, we went and had dinner with his family and followed that with a visit with my family. Despite my poorly timed nap and knowing the ring was around I was still taken by surprise and over the moon about being engaged!

Special Thanks