Chandler and Tucker

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How We Met

Tucker and I went to high school together. We stayed connected through Facebook and texting throughout our college years, but after graduation, we never saw each other face to face! Two years ago, I saw we were both homes for Thanksgiving break. I went out on a limb and asked if he wanted to get together for drinks. He agreed and we spent the whole night together. I got drinks and appetizers at the local dive bar, and then he drove me out to his “secret” spot. We talked all night and took a walk along the river. He didn’t kiss me that night, so I wasn’t sure if we were past the friendship stage quite yet. The next day was the night before Thanksgiving. My family was out at the bar and my mom had said she saw Tucker earlier in the night. When I finally got to the bar, he was already gone. I called him and told him where I was. Within a few minutes, Tucker came walking through the door. He ditched all of his friends just to come by me. He spent the rest of the night with me, and drunkenly got invited to Thanksgiving dinner the next day by my aunt. He dropped me off at home that night after a night of drinking and conveniently forgot his coat when he came inside. Thanksgiving day rolled around and we were all laying around post-turkey. A knock on the door came, and there was Tucker. He showed up claiming just to grab his forgotten jacket and ended up hanging around the rest of the day with my entire family. I knew then that he was the one. We did long distance for a year while he was fighting fire in North Dakota. We still do long distances, just not quite as long. We are an hour and a half apart while he finishes school. Before that, we were 10 hours apart!

How They Asked

After that first Thanksgiving together, we made it a tradition to go back every year to the same bar and the same “secret” spot. This year was no different. We bundled up in the snow and took the same walk down by the river and across the bridge. He set up his phone to take some pictures with a self-timer like we always do.

He snapped a few and went to check the pictures. We went to take another one, but I noticed the phone was on video mode instead. I started to say something and he went towards his phone as he noticed it too. Instead of reaching for his phone, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I instantly broke down crying and couldn’t even believe what was happening! Our parents were secretly waiting at the first bar we ever went to together. He took me thereafter to celebrate with everyone.

Chandler and Tucker's Engagement in Eau Claire, WI