Chandler and Jared

How We Met

Jared and Chandler met at the end of their freshman year at Ohio University. Typical college story, Chandler went with one of her good friends Haley to meet some people at a party. Jared and Chandler didn’t really talk too much that day. They “re-met” at a large music festival (both trying to find the same friend Haley). Jared and Chandler took a picture together that day.

Jared posted that same picture on Facebook and messaged Chandler and said “You should feel honored to be in my profile picture” and Chandler definitely did. They continued to talk and Jared visited Chandler in Virginia Beach that summer and have been together ever since. Jared and Chandler shared so many memories at college and visiting each other back and forth between Ohio and Virginia.

how they asked

Jared and Chandler planned a trip to visit Jared’s sister and brother in law who just moved to Florida. Jared’s parents were already down there and they couldn’t wait to see them. On Thursday Chandler’s soon to be mother in law took Chandler to get her nails done. The whole family had all agreed to go get lunch at Sand on the Beach at Melbourne beach. Trisha (Jared’s sister) wanted to take pictures on the beach for her fashion blog. Chandler was taking pictures of Trisha. Chandler handed the camera back to Trisha and turned around.

Jared was on one knee with the most gorgeous ring. Chandler immediately started crying and couldn’t believe it! There were so many clues that day and Chandler usually picks up on things but this was a major surprise.

Jared’s parents were waiting up by the restaurant and the whole restaurant was cheering for them. Jared and Chandler have shared a lot of great memories over their five years together at the beach but this by far was the best one yet!

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Chandler Queenan
Chandler Queenan
Chandler Queenan