Chandler and Cason

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How We Met

Me and my fiancé met in October of 2016 but it didn’t take us long to figure out that we were meant for each other.

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how they asked

My fiancé, Cason Sherrod, and I currently live in College Station, Texas. My fiancé is a senior at Texas A&M University where the lord has called him to play baseball and I graduated last spring from Oklahoma State University. Both of our families live in Dallas, Texas.

We had planned to go home for the weekend to visit with our families and friends. Little did I know that I would come back to College Station engaged to the love of my life. As the week went by and I anticipated going home to see my wonderful family. I was curious as to what we would be doing. My fiancé suggested we go to a pumpkin patch. I was all for it and so pumped to go considering the pumpkin patch he suggested we go to was at my favorite place, The Dallas Arboretum. This place is beautiful and a perfect date spot. He suggested we go in the morning so we were able to still have time to spend with our families in the afternoon and evening.

On September 23, 2017, we arrive at the Arboretum, and walk through the gardens for about thirty minutes. We end up at my favorite spot in the gardens, the Crape Myrtle Allee. The crape myrtle trees are connected overhead with a stone walkway. The most beautiful spot in all of Dallas in my opinion. He tells me that this is also his favorite spot and as he gets on one knee, he explains that there is a deeper reasoning behind why it’s his favorite place (being that he is asking me to be his wife in that very spot that I love so much).

He expresses how much he loves me as my heart is jumping out of my chest and asks me if I will marry him. I without a doubt in my mind answer YES! We take one more walk through the gardens savoring every moment of the first few minutes of being an engaged couple. We then head to exit where both of our mothers and fathers were there to greet us with so much joy, love and lots and lots of hugs. This was the best day ever and I am so thankful to my wonderful fiancé for planning the most magical moment.

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Special Thanks

Jodi Larue
 | Photographer