Chandler and Cameron

How We Met

Cameron and I are both from Washington. We grew up in the same town, went to the same high school, and we even had the same group of friends- but we had never met. It was 2014, and I became good friends with Cameron’s younger brother and his family. His family noticed that we were very similar, and his mother was convinced that we would make an excellent couple. The only hitch was that Cameron was serving a 2 year service mission for our church, in Brazil. The only way that he could communicate with those from home was through email, once a week. So his mother gave me his email address and convinced me to send him a letter. On November 4, 2014, I sent my first email to Cameron. We hit it off almost immediately and we continued to email each week for the remaining 9 months of his service mission. When he returned home in July of 2015, his mom was eager to get us out on our first date. As we sat next to each other at dinner, we told each other about ourselves and were in shock when we realized how much we really had in common. I knew pretty soon that we would end up together & it was only a matter of time before he knew too.

how they asked

Cameron took me on a scavenger hunt around our hometown and the surrounding areas. At each spot was a new clue that led us to the next clue. When we arrived at the final spot, there were balloons lining a pathway with hanging photos of us and Christmas lights. At the end of the pathway was a ring box and a bouquet of flowers. He got down on one knee and he asked me to marry him, and as soon as I said yes, his family and some of our closest friends popped out of the bushes and started cheering. It was absolutely perfect

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