Chandler and Brandon

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How We Met

As many love stories begin these days, it started with a match on a dating app in August 2018. Brandon and I knew each other through work but had never really talked. I would like to say our conversation went well and led to a first date, but that wasn’t the case. After a few texts back-and-forth, the conversation fizzled out.

In October 2018, I joined a board that puts on a community music festival every Summer. Brandon had been on the same board for a few years. I remember thinking he was a total babe but knew he was older than me and probably wasn’t interested after that failed dating app conversation. I even sent him a Facebook message with some artist suggestions just for an excuse to talk to him.

Fast forward to the night of the board Christmas party, I was determined to make an impression. I sat down beside him and tried to start a conversation and……..nothing. I left after a couple of hours feeling pretty bummed. Five minutes later, I got a Facebook message from Brandon asking me if I had a good time at the party. The flirtation began and we haven’t looked back since.

How They Asked

Brandon and I bought our first house together in August 2020. We spent the first couple of months settling in and making it our own. My best friend, Logan, is a professional photographer. One night while we were hanging out, she casually asked if she could come over the next weekend to take some photos of the two of us as a housewarming gift. I thought it was a wonderful idea so we planned on the following Sunday afternoon.

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That Sunday morning, Brandon and I met my mom for brunch. Afterward, my mom suggested the two of us go shopping while Brandon ran some “errands.” I agreed as long as we were back at the house in time for the photoshoot.

At around 1:45 PM we headed back to the house. My mom mentioned she had forgotten something inside the last time she visited so she needed to run in and get it.

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When we pulled up to the house, Logan and Brandon were already in the front yard waiting for me. Mom headed inside and Logan suggested we take a couple of “test shots” to make sure the lighting was right. I noticed Brandon fiddling with his shirt and asked him if he was okay. He assured me he was fine and we took a couple of test shots.

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After a minute or so I hear a rustling noise behind me and turn around to both of our families walking towards us. They had been inside the entire time! I smiled and said something like, “Oh, that’s sweet,” completely unaware of why they were there. I turned around and saw Brandon on his knee. He was so nervous that he immediately blurted out, “Will you marry me?” I, of course, answered, “YES!” It was such a thoughtful and beautiful way to propose. We are planning our wedding for this October! I can’t wait to marry the man of my dreams.

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Special Thanks

Logan Thomas
 | Photographer