Chandler and Austin's Colorado Proposal

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How We Met

For three years Austin and I went to rival private schools knowing the same people, but never once meeting each other. I transferred to public school and made a whole new group of friends who most of he knew through football or had at least heard of them. On our senior graduation night at Disneyland I happen to run into a friend I had from elementary school that went to Austin’s high school, and wouldn’t you know it Austin was with him but yet again we didn’t officially meet. It wasn’t until I saw a cute guy post on Colorado State University’s Facebook webpage that I decided to “Facebook stalk him” embarrassingly enough! I noticed that he was from the same town I was and it happened to be the same guy I had run into on Grad night! I added him with intentions of messaging him to become friends since we were headed to the same college. He messaged me and we began talking realizing we had mutual friends, began hanging out, and eventually dating. Austin very early in our relationship took me down to southern Colorado to meet his sisters and I fell in love with the town down there.

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how they asked

For my birthday I asked if we could go down and spend time with his family which he joyously agreed to. The day before my birthday he told me we were going up to the mountains and were going to go four wheeling which I loved to do! His sister, who is a photographer, brought her camera to catch any herds of elk that we may see, wink wink. I didn’t think anything of it. We get up out of the woods onto this meadow with trees lining the edge and snowcapped mountains in the background. It was breathtakingly beautiful! Austin asked if I would like to go down into the meadow and I agreed. His sister had her camera I assumed to photograph the scenery. He turned me around in the middle of the meadow, got down on his knee, and recited his speech to me, and I wholeheartedly accepted his proposal! He could not have proposed to me in a better way it was perfect!

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Special Thanks

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