Chandani and Van

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Lake Club At Lake Las Vegas

How We Met

So… a year and a half ago I asked a random girl to come up and meet her. She agreed and we decided to talk a little bit, BUT Snapchat is where I caught her attention after noticing a snap she sent with an amazing view of a beautiful skyline overshadowing the mountain peaks in Vegas. I decided to get to know her more and eventually called her and she accepted for me to come there to ”meet her.” I was telling her I was never a travel person and never explored outside my home turf, Boston. I still remember the first time when she came to pick me up at the airport; I was amazed by her glowing smile and mesmerizing eyes. After 2 visits to Vegas and spending time with her, I finally asked her to be my girlfriend. I knew she’d be the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. Her being in Vegas for medicine and me working as a PT in Boston made it difficult emotionally as we wanted to see each other and be there for each other. We talked about every little small detail from career goals to family and friends to see where our minds were for the future. We continued to facetime/call/text each other, which took time. My life had changed with her in such a positive way and couldn’t go a day without talking or seeing her over the phone (Yes, I got her to convert from regular calling to Facetiming lol as well as texting). I was never the type to hold a conversation about feelings and expressing certain things until I met her. It took a ton of patience and long distance was not easy. But, we continue to grow and love each other, worlds apart. I’m so grateful to be the Prince charming to her Cinderella, forever.

How They Asked

My fiancé’s best friend, Graceanne had promised her a trip to the Vegas area before she had to move back home. Graceanne came 2 days before the proposal and kept Chand occupied while both of our families and friends secretly flew a few days before the proposal.

So for a couple of days, Graceanne had the responsibility of holding her down while everyone helped me figure out the proposal timeline and the perfect way to get her to the venue spot I chose: Lake Club At Lake Las Vegas. I wanted to keep the surprise proposal interactive with cute stations set up because of how much she loves games as well as a princess, Cinderella, the theme for her love of Disney.

Graceanne walked Chand inside and the rest was up to the fairy godmother. Chand read her scroll which was a royal invitation of a royal ball outside, listing what she needs to do and time to arrive at the ball. I had the help from the event coordinator of the facility to play the fairy godmother. She took Chand to dress room from the main entrance saying, ” Well, you can’t go to the ball looking like that! Come with me!” and have her dressed in changing room saying, ” I have the perfect dress” right before opening the double doors to changing room.”

After coming to the venue, she guided her to the second station outside at patio where the Fairy godmother says, “This way please, your Fairy tale awaits!”. .. Graceanne went down the entrance to columns in a secret area where everyone was hiding to let everyone know when to come out. I was waiting by the ring box table and floral arch as I turned around saw Chand started walking towards me with a big cheesy dimple smile.

I twirled her a couple of times but could not stop shaking and smiling as I was overwhelmed with happiness. As I tried to compose myself, I managed to start telling her about my feelings, “Thank you for filling my life with so much love, happiness, and excitement. But, most of all… thank you for showing me love is the greatest adventure you could ever embark on! I love you with all my heart Chand, and I can’t wait to spend forever with you and start this new chapter in our lives! 06.22.2019.

Special Thanks

Elizabeth Burgi
 | Photographer