Sarah and Chance

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How We Met

Chance and I met in high school through mutual friends- he was a senior and I was a sophomore. We started dating on December 19th, 2007. We went to different colleges and were long distance for 4 years until I graduated, and are now finally living and working in the same city!

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how they asked

Chance started planning my birthday in February, telling me we would just go to the beach with a bunch of our friends, and told me what days to take off work. I was secretly upset, because I wanted to travel somewhere new for my birthday, but I knew it would still be a great time with all of our favorite people. I requested the days off, but still dropped a few hints that we should ask everyone if they would want to go somewhere new, and he said he would figure something out. For the next few months, I never really knew where we were going, and figured the plans stayed the same and didn’t ask about it anymore.

Fast forward to August, it is almost time for our trip and I’m talking about what to pack with Chance. I’m thinking that I’ll bring a few t-shirts and Nike shorts because as far as I know we are just going to the nearby beach. Chance heard my plans and decided to put me out of my misery – he told me that we were going to Maui!

I was so excited, it was going to be our first big vacation together in our 8 years of dating and I couldn’t believe he had this planned all along. He even told our friends the beach story so it would stay a secret until he told me!

Our trip was packed – we had excursions planned every day. We arrived on a Friday and spent the next week in paradise – starting with snorkeling, driving the Road to Hana, and going to our first luau. We were seeing so many beautiful places, and in the back of my mind I kept wondering, ‘Could it happen here?’. He was acting perfectly normal the entire time, and with all these beautiful places he wasn’t taking advantage of, I started to think maybe it really wasn’t happening this trip. Our tour guide on the Road to Hana even started taking pictures of us at one point, so I was thinking that for sure it would be the moment, but it wasn’t!

On our 5th day in Maui, we hiked up the Haleakala volcano at 4am to watch the sunrise. We were at an elevation of 10,000 feet and it was FREEZING. We tried to dress warm, but the wind was blowing and it felt like it was 20 degrees! I was bundled up in a comforter that I took from the hotel and we were both miserable as we waited for the sun to come up. At this point, we were so cold that was all I was focused on. Still, the wait was well worth it – the sunrise was epic!

After I took some photos, I looked at Chance and said “Are you ready to head back to the bus?”.  He laughed at my desperation and said yes, so we started walking. I was so excited to get out of the freezing cold I was almost sprinting. Mornings were NOT my thing and I have zero tolerance for the cold, so I was over it!

When we got to the bus Chance stopped me and asked if I would go walk with him a little longer. I looked at him like he was crazy, and said “No way!! I am freezing and I’m getting on this bus!!”  I wasn’t even thinking about what I was saying. He finally convinced me, and we hiked away from the crowds of people to a higher vantage point. I’m hiking with this HUGE comforter wrapped around me, looking crazy, freezing, and whining the entire way up- not even thinking that this could be that moment. Finally, after we were walking for a while I asked him, “Chance, what are we doing up here!!?”

He turned to me and smiled, and just looked at me for a second before he got down on one knee and asked, “Sarah, will you marry me?”

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Later, he told me he was smiling so big partly because he was thinking “She is about to feel soooo bad for whining this entire time” :) and he was right! I looked down at him and I cried because I was so happy, and said “Yes!!” and “I am SO sorry for arguing with you the entire way up here!!!!”. He kissed me and he put my ring on and, without telling anyone, we ran back down to our group and took a picture together before FINALLY getting onto the bus.

It was beautiful, just the two of us. Like our relationship, it has been just the two of us working through everything we have faced in these past 8 years. No one saw it happen, just like no one knows what we have been through to get here. It was just this amazing moment between us that we had been waiting for after all of this time, and it was ours. I will never forget that elated feeling. It was worth the wait!

I am so happy to say that I am finally engaged to my favorite human!

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