Chalsea and Justin

Justin and I met through school and my brother, he is one of my brothers best friends. We have been dating since junior high, he was 14 and I was 13. We love being at the lake and boating with our families. It was September 3 and it was the last weekend before we pack the boat up for the winter. We were all on the boat getting a last surf in. The boys all went first and continued to tell me how nice the water was and that my turn was next. So of course I said “okay!”. I go up and start surfing (btw the water is freezing), the music is playing and we are all having a great time. A couple minutes into my surf I glance and see Justin with his hat off and on one knee on the back platform of the boat. The first thing that came to my mind was “oh great, Justin’s going to tackle me into the water”. I double look at him again and realize he is on one knee with a ring box opened, proposing to me!! I couldn’t even believe it, I had no idea, it was incredible and one of the best days ever!

Image 1 of Chalsea and Justin


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