Chalina and Derek

How We Met

We met while Derek was working in town (he lived 60 miles away). He tried and tried and tried to get me to go on a date with him, but I was not willing to do long distance. He told me he was coming back into town because he needed to meet with someone for work and we should get lunch (which he later told me that was a lie, that he could’ve emailed the info). We got lunch and talked…for four and a half hours. At that moment, I knew. I knew the 60 miles wasn’t going to get in the way and I knew he’d be my forever person.

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How They Asked

We had been planning a vacation to Hawaii for quite some time. One full week of no work in Kauai, the most relaxing island there is. Derek thought it would be romantic to get up and go to the open space right outside of our door and watch the sunrise on Pikes Peak and then we can watch the sunset on the ocean. We got up very early and it was COLD! But we still decided to walk our dog out there and watch the sunrise. It was one of the prettiest scenes I’ve ever seen. Our 13-year-old greyhound was jumping and running and the mountain was incredibly purple. It couldn’t have gotten any better until I turned around and saw Derek down on one knee! He was holding the most beautiful ring I’d ever seen! I had my dog, my (now) fiancé, the perfect ring, and the mountain that I love the most. Best National Pi Day ever!

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