Chalene and Jeff

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How We Met

Jeff and I have a bit of a history on how our paths crossed – In short – we officially met at a house party. But we all know some things just aren’t that simple. I guess I should start from the beginning…

We grew up in the same small town, him 4 years older, we happened to know some of the same people, but we never had a one-on-one interaction. He and my brother were friends – their first jobs together and hung out with the same group of guys. That being said, I eventually, started seeing Jeff here and there – if he came over to hang out with my brother there was maaaaybe a quick “hey what’s up” – if anything -exchanged. I always thought he was kind of cute..but he was my older brother’s friend, so I really didn’t think much further than that.

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A couple of years pass and now it’s the summer I turned 19 (he’d be 23), my brother had invited me and a girlfriend to a house party a few blocks away, where we knew a few of the same people (I should mention my siblings and I are really close). About an hour in, my girlfriend and I get challenged to a game of beer-pong…by who? – YUP! Jeff and one of his friends. We flirted over the table a bit during the game and definitely had some eyes for each other. BUT, that’s where our interaction ended. A fight broke out between some people so my brother, my friend, and I high-tailed it out of there. The summer came and went, and we both starting seeing people — still only seeing each other the odd time, in passing..

4-5 years pass, during this time my siblings’ friends and mine sort of meshed into one big group of friends. Jeff had moved closer to the city for school but then moved back to town and started coming around more often. We had this chemistry that almost fed off each other.. I don’t know, I can’t explain. Over time our relationships ended and Jeff – after so many years, still had eyes for me and decided this was his chance to ask me out (now that we were older the “friends little sister” thing wasn’t as much of a big deal.

We decided to go for a casual coffee date, where we ended up talking for hours in his car in a Tim Horton’s parking lot. Both revealing our crushes on each other and how they started years before at that house party and laughed about timing and coincidence. I did tell him I didn’t think I was ready for a serious relationship. While sitting there he charmingly asked for our first kiss, “Can I kiss you?..What if we never try, and we’ll always be wondering after all this time.. what if..”. He had a point, something brought us to this moment..We kissed! The rest is history.

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How They Asked

My birthday is July 23rd, Jeff had planned a night away from the Friday to Saturday (we tend to make a big deal about each other’s birthdays where we try and surprise each other with a day of fun/ certain activities). He didn’t leak any facts until Thursday evening when we were packing. All he said was “We are going to Niagara Falls for the night” – but nothing more. It is my birthday surprise that he planned, I didn’t want to ruin it by prodding for more answers.

By the time we got to the hotel, it started pouring – and I’m not exaggerating. Check-in wasn’t until 4 so we had about 1.5 hours to kill. We would have walked around if it wasn’t for the car wash we found ourselves in. So what did we do – Netflix (lol).

The rain let up and it was finally 4:00 pm. We had a room on the 19th floor with an amazing 180 view of the US and Canadian falls. He got a bottle of champagne and chocolates which were waiting in the room, where he then said we had dinner plans so to dress nice – Here I’m thinking/saying “Damn baby – you went all out for this birthday, I’m only turning 29”.

We got ready and made it to our dinner renovations at an amazing steakhouse. During dinner he mentioned we had to get to activity at 7:30 and had to leave the restaurant by 7:15 – so we did just that.

We got an Uber to take us to the top of the hill where the sidewalk led straight down to the falls (closer to the US view). As we were walking we talked and laughed about this and that, finally making it to the beautiful view this place is all about – the Falls.

Here we are, standing at the falls and he started to kind of pace around, muttering to himself. At this point, I’m thinking of what the activity could be, and I honestly thought he had planned some sort of horse and buggy ride. He seemed as though we really needed to meet someone in a certain location. So while he was figuring himself out, I decided, well no time like the present to take pictures of this gorgeous view.

As I started taking pictures starting with the US falls turning towards the Canadian, I made it around…He grabbed my hand and went down on one knee.

Of course, my initial reaction was shock, “OMG! NOOOO, you aren’t serious, whaaat, wait whaaaat?!?!” — just frozen in time. For the first time, I actually felt speechless. {**To give you a background on why I was so shocked – Jeff and I love the show The Office and 2 of our favorite characters end up getting engaged but prior to that, the boyfriend would get down on one knee as if to propose to then be followed by “Will you…wait for me to tie my shoe”. Of course, this was totally Jeff and he actually had done that to me a couple of times in the past — so nooow you can understand my state of mind at this moment.**} Once I looked down and actually saw the ring in his hands, I knew it was really happening and seconds later said..”YES!”

To top it off, he told me he hired a covert photographer – we walked right passed him on the hill down to the falls, which of course I didn’t notice – to capture this amazing moment.

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