Cha’Koya and Gregory

How We Met

Gregory: Our relationship started more than 3,000 miles apart, she lived in DC while I was in San Francisco. Now just over two years later, we are officially engaged and finally in the same time zone to start our next chapter.

How They Asked

Gregory: During the initial photoshoot, I had the ring box in my back pocket and had to mange keeping my body facing forward so that my curious fiancé wouldn’t start asking questions. I can remember a few instances when I had to grab her hand so that she wouldn’t graze the ring box just below my lower back. Once we had taken a few shots by the lifeguard stand and on the edge of the beach, Rojeena signaled to me that the lighting was perfect. As the waves receded back into the ocean I grabbed my fiancé‘s hand and told her “You already know what this is.” Immediately, she was overwhelmed with emotion and I told her how much she had already impacted my life and how much I was looking forward to advancing our relationship for years to come.



Special Thanks