Taylor and Chad

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How We Met

Chad and I met in college. We we’re in the same math class and honestly said maybe a handful of words to each other. As fate would have it we ended up in the same math class once again completely unplanned the following semester. It was no secret that I struggled with math. I was talking to Chad one day in the hallway before class about how I might drop the class because I couldn’t afford to fail and he convinced me to stay in the class and promised to help me with my homework and that we could go to tutoring sessions together. One day he picked me up for tutoring and Randy Rogers, a country band we both really love, came on the radio. When I told him how much I really liked the band he tried to brag and he say he had every song on his phone, he had every one except my favorite and the one I requested, “Come Pick Me Up.” I would go to his dorm on a weekly basis for homework help followed by him driving us to tutoring and after a few weeks we became pretty close friends. One night he texted me asking if i would like to go see Randy Rogers in concert with him and a few of his buddies, I had a test the next day so I told him I was gonna pass but thanks for the offer. He replied with, “Well, what’s it gonna take for you to go on a date with me?” I sarcastically replied a guitar pick from the Randy Rogers concert he was going to that night. Sure enough the next day in class he walks up with a big grin on his face and hands me the guitar pick and said, “So, about that date…where am I taking you?” I laughed and shrugged it off thinking he wasn’t serious but Chad being as persistent as he is kept asking me almost on a daily basis when he was going to get to take me out. I always wanted to go to a Texas A&M baseball game so one night I texted him and said theres a baseball game tomorrow would you like to go? The next day he picked me up we went to the baseball game and we started dating shortly after.

how they asked

Chad and I’s first date was a little over 6 years ago at a Texas A&M baseball game at Olsen Field. Fast forward 6 years and we started started talking marriage, we had looked at rings and recently bought a house. Chad let me custom design the engagement ring setting so I knew he had the ring and it was just a matter of time before he proposed but he was determined to make it a surprise.

We love to go back to College Station for football games and we hadn’t been able to go this year due to all of our friends wedding festivities taking up a majority of our weekends. One day out of the blue I get a call from the social coordinator at Chad’s office who I’ve met a handful of times. She let me a voicemail saying she couldn’t get ahold of Chad and that his company was having a tailgate at A&M that weekend and because they were receiving an award that they were also getting tickets to the presidential suite so she needed a headcount ASAP. I was confused why Chad hadn’t mentioned anything but I thought he’s been super busy with work and that it probably just slipped his mind. When I called Chad to ask about this so called “tailgate and award ceremony” he confirmed my thoughts that he was just busy with work and hadn’t had a chance to give her a call back. I had been sick all week and tried to get out of us going. Chad told me that because his company was getting tickets in the presidential suite we needed to go because we might not ever get the opportunity again.

My family and Chad play poker at a cigar bar on a weekly basis as a fun little family outing. Later that week while Chad and I were playing poker one of our family friends, Jimmy, walked over to our table and casually asked Chad if could get his daughter’s boyfriend a job interview with his company. Jimmy explained his daughter and her boyfriend are graduating from Texas A&M in December and they both ideally wanted to live in this area. Chad told him, absolutely and explained that we were actually heading to Texas A&M this weekend for his company tailgate and that he would introduce him to some people when we were down there. Chad and I we’re talking about the tailgate later that night and he said why don’t you invite all the girls, referring to all my best friends from college. I got so excited because we’re all in different towns now so whenever we can all get together it’s always a good time. I start texting the girls asking if they came can come to College Station that weekend and one after the other they start telling me they can’t. Little did I know Chad had instructed them and everyone else in my family to say they couldn’t come that weekend so I wouldn’t catch on to the proposal.

Saturday morning we woke up bright and early to head down to College Station for game day and for the “award ceremony and tailgate.” We checked into our hotel and Chad told me that we needed to hurry because he wanted to meet up with Jonathon before the football game so he could introduce him to some of the people in his company like he promised Jimmy earlier in the week. Chad asked Jonathon to meet us by the baseball stadium. When we met up with Jonathon he mentioned that he played baseball for Texas A&M and said he had access to the field and wanted to know if Chad and I would like a tour of the stadium. Chad instantly replied, “Tay and I actually had our first date there. We should check it out real quick before the tailgate.” I still hadn’t caught on to what was about to happen. We were getting a tour of the stadium when Jonathon asked, “Do ya’ll want to go on the field real quick?” I mean who wouldn’t?! We walked through the facility to get to the dugout so we could get on the field. Chad told me that we should get a picture in the middle of field since the field had such a special place in our hearts because it’s where our first date was. We walked on the field to take a quick picture.

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Before I knew it Chad was on one knee. Chad pulled out the Mrs. Box I told him I wanted months ago, I was in complete and utter shock. All I could think was how did he honestly remember I wanted that so bad? I’m pretty sure I even asked him how he remembered. It was absolutely perfect – it was maroon to match A&M’s school colors with a giant gold H to match my future last initial. As he opened the ring box he asked me to marry him.

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I couldn’t believe it, not only did he pull off the surprise of a life time it was so romantic and more magical that I could have ever imagined. As soon as I said, “YES!” he smiled and told me that wasn’t the whole surprise. He went on to tell me that there was no tailgate, he wasn’t really getting Jonathon a job and his company wasn’t getting an award it was all a part of his elaborate plan to get me to the baseball field without me catching on to his proposal of a lifetime. As I’m soaking everything in, Chad turned me towards the visitor’s dugout and said I have just one more surprise, I figured a few other people needed to be here to help us celebrate at that very moment all of our best friends and family came running out.

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Chad went above and beyond to make this proposal everything I ever dreamt of and more and even hired a professional photographer to capture every moment!

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The moment was beyond perfect and I am so thankful for everyone that came together to celebrate this next chapter of our lives.

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Special Thanks

Henri Daussi
 | Ring Designer