Chad and Lilly

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how we met

Lilly: Chad and I met online. He messaged me first, and I remember thinking he wass so cute. Then once we started talking I felt an instant connection and felt like I could talk to him for hours nonstop and that we had known each other for years. I always looked forward to talking to him. Our first date was going bowling. Which for me was my first time. I remember being super nervous especially when I saw him for the first time. I thought he had the greatest smile and again was thinking how cute he was. I remember telling him that this was the first time I was bowling and that I was going to do very badly. He taught me how I should stand and throw the ball. Thankfully I didn’t do that bad. I remember going to dinner afterwards but what I remember the most was just thinking wow this guy is so amazing and I hope I can see him again. Chad and I like to do anything and sometimes nothing together. We like trying new things and just doing something different such as going to a festival that chad just saw on Facebook, to playing tennis, to just staying in and watching a movie and joking around with each other. I knew right away that chad was the one. On the second date I knew I wanted to date him. Then a date or two later I knew I was in love with him and knew that he was so special. I knew I wanted him to be my future. When I think of having Chad as my husband I look forward to everything. Being able to spend each day with one another. Being able to start our family, travel together, making every moment of my life amazing just because I have him. He is the best thing to have ever happen to me. I thank God for him. He is my best friend, soulmate, love of my love, and such a blessing. He has my heart and forever will.

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Chad: Lilly and I started talking a couple months prior to April over text message via dating app. I thought It was unlikely that I would find true love considering I moved four hours away from my family, so I said it’s worth a shot so I went for it. I didn’t have much time for going out and meeting people because of how much I work and it was all a new area to me, but I still tried to talk with people on the app. After she replied back we started texting and immediately I saw how beautiful she was inside and out. I honestly would get nervous and butterflies when we would talk and I’d always look forward to texting her on my breaks from work. I honestly never wanted to stop talking to her. I think my biggest fear was that she was going to stop talking to me. When I asked her on the first date we went to the bowling alley. Never having gone before, Lilly was thankful for some helpful tips and we had a memorable time. Soon after we went to a restaurant and started to really get to talking about ourselves and what we like and who we are as a person. I think what really broke the ice was the mariachi singer. Important to know, at this time in my life I wasn’t doing very well with my self esteem so this was a point where I had my hair grown out and a full beard which grisly isn’t like me. My thoughts were if someone doesn’t like me for my looks it’s their fault because what matters is who I am on the inside. Lilly saw through all of my walls and still says to this day that I was handsome. Ever since that day and a couple dates after I knew she was the one. I have never seen someone be so selfless and take care of other people even though she needs it the most. She juggled family, work, school, and me and never broke down and called it quits. I seriously would look into her eyes and think this can’t be real. I thought sooner or later her attitude would change, but she has loved me the same throughout our entire relationship.

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how they asked

Chad: After seeing that she had the purest heart out there and I wasn’t being fooled, I saw us growing closer and having a deeper connection spiritually. That was the greatest thing for her to have a relationship with God and right then and there I knew she was the one I wanted to marry. It took about 5 months of planning, but she was worth it. On my vacation, I took Lilly up to my hometown and said wouldn’t it be fun to try on rings to see what they look like? Well prior to us visiting the jewelry store I snuck away from dinner to call up saying I want her to pick out her engagement ring without her knowing. Now I had to think of some way to get her up to my hometown and it clicked that I could just say I’m having a reunion concert with my old band and I wanted her to come. Now the place of engagement was really a no brainer, because I wanted to propose in a way that solidified Gods blessing, intervention, and love upon our relationship and the jumonville cross was the place to go. I lived four hours away and I could have settled for anyone else, but God showed me how amazing he can be and gave me Lilly. I kept the ring a secret and in my sock drawer just like any other man, hidden for 4 months. Now as of last weekend this girl thinks we’re going to a concert and afterword a dinner, which is why we had to match or compliment each others outfits. I’m getting ready for the trip and I see that Lilly has on high heels and I’m like oh no how do I tell her to change because I know how steep the mountain is to the cross, but she didn’t have anything else. This girl powered through the side of a mountain in heels and she didn’t stop till she got to the top.

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I admit I was very nervous, but not for the fear of her saying no, it was more me not messing up my lines or which knee to take. As we are praying for Gods blessing on our relationship and giving thanks for giving us the chance to meet i take out the ring box and after I close the prayer with an amen, Lilly sees me asking her to marry her right before her eyes.

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Now a couple days later post engagement we feel as if the hardest thing to overcome is not being able to see each other more than the weekend. I have been working 6 day work weeks for about a year and we are looking for apartments to move in to. She lives about an hour away and works an hour away from her home so we are trying to make the best of the situation until we can spend more time with each other. We have gotten through trials before, but God has always brought us through them. I am most looking forward to being able to be there for Lilly when she needs a shoulder to lean on and to be able to have her next to me. She is honestly my best friend and soulmate and every time I look into her eyes I see my future wife and future mother of my children all thanks to God’s blessings

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