Kelsey and Chad

How We Met

Chad and I actually met through our sisters. Both our sisters were sorority sisters which were the beginning of everything. You see, Chad had known my sister for about 5 years before he was even introduced to me. At my sister’s bachelorette party, I was complaining about how I would never find someone when his sister mentioned Chad. She showed me pictures and I was on board! Our sister’s then decided that we should give him a call. That was one awkward call but hey, it led to this!  The first time I met Chad was actually at my sister’s wedding! My sarcastic self-told jokes and made him laugh until he asked me to dance. As we were going around the dance floor, I couldn’t believe the chemistry we had. We both say that we knew at that moment it could be a forever love. After that, Chad left for two months while I patiently awaited his arrival. Ever since then, we keep falling more in love and have been so blessed to have found each other.

how they asked

Chad and I have been going to the San Diego Safari Park since the beginning. I am completely in love with giraffes and kept bugging him to do the Cart Safari where we get to feed them! Flash forward three years and my dad calls me saying he wants to celebrate his retirement at the Safari Park. Of course, I’m all in! My sister then decided that we should surprise him with the Cart Safari as well! A couple weeks go by and Chad then tells me his family is coming too, which seemed a little suspicious! While we’re on the Cart Safari, we start to approach the giraffes.

Our tour guide says it’s time to feed them and I eagerly jump up! Just as I turn around to take a picture while I’m simultaneously feeding two giraffes, Chad gets down on one knee. It was such a whirlwind and everything I could have asked for.

As he got down on one knee, I imagined our life together. I couldn’t believe this was happening, even though we had talked about it for so long. I had envisioned this moment for so long. The man I loved, the man God had put in my life was asking me to be his WIFE!

It was such a special moment to be able to share this with both of our families by our side. We can’t wait to start our life together as future Coyles.