Chablis and Mathew

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How We Met

High school. My freshman year/his sophomore.

How They Asked

He had spent the 8 years we had been dating building a wooden boat from scratch. When he was finally done he told me he wanted to plan a fun/classy James Bond styled photo shoot for when he went to go sell the boat. I went along with it, being supportive, dressed the role of the “bond girl.” Our friend is a photographer by hobby so he was at the lake with us to do the photo shoot. After snapping several photos standing he had me sit down, I assumed we’d take more photos with me sitting. He grabbed something from the front of the boat while I was taking in the foliage/talking to our friend on the shore. When I turned back around he was kneeling in front of me with the ring and said “it’s taken me 8 years to build this boat, most of the time I was unsure of what to do next. But there’s one thing I knew I’ve always wanted to do, and that is to Marry you.”