Thairy and Cesar

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How We Met

Cesar and I met since we were 18 at his father business, we became friends after my grandfather dead and after that we became closer, because he became the support I needed at the time, as the time kept passing we kept hanging out with his friends and mine and he asked me to be his girlfriend making your girl here AKA ” the happiest girl in the world”

how they asked

Yesterday was Cesar’s birthday and his friends and mines decided to hangout around the tree at Rockefeller Center to talk and take some cute pictures for the entire group, everything was going according to that plan until Cesar calls for a group picture to which we all agreed I noticed that Cesar sits on the floor, I saw it but I just asked if he was ok, he answered “Yeah Im fine”. we took like two more pictures until I heard a loud “Awwwww” in the crowd and I turned to see Cesar on one knee asking me to marry him. I was shocked but it was the happiest moment of my life and Im so thankful to say that I am marrying the best man on earth and my best friend.

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