Cera and Luca

Cera's Proposal in Mt Kilimanjaro summit

How We Met

Luca and I have always been known as the “Couple that travels too much”. In just two years since we met, we travelled to Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, China, Nepal and Tanzania. We love to share our stories with other aspiring travellers and adventurers so we can all enthuse about where we’ve been and where to go next.

But the story of how we met definitely tops all other travelling stories: we met at work during a coffee break.

Luca is from Italy and I am a British Hong Konger. By chance (if you can call it!) I got a job at a workplace in Norwich where Luca’s been working since he arrived in the UK in 2015. I remember our first conversations were about how to count in Italian, and my enthusiasm for him to teach me martial arts.

As we got to know each other more, we found that our musical tastes are very different, that I’m in business and he is in research, and we have so many things that we disagree on! But, we also found that these have been the most interesting times that we have shared together, and we definitely have many other things that we both hold dear towards and share the same values – like our family and friends, travel, and food. If I have to pinpoint the exact time when we fell in love, I will have to say food; we fell in love over sushi.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Mt Kilimanjaro summit

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Mt Kilimanjaro summit

how they asked

How Luca asked was a lot different than a standard Monday morning coffee break at work: On 21st September 2017 at midnight, Luca and I were 4,673m above sea level at Barafu Camp on Mt Kilimanjaro, preparing for our final ascend to Mt Kilimanjaro summit. Hiking in absolute darkness with no visibility apart from some lights from our head torches, it took us around 7 hours to ascend over 1000m, and at below freezing temperature of -20C. Finally at around 7am, we reached the top of Africa at 5,895m above sea level, and since the extreme altitude didn’t kill us, Luca got on one knee and handed to me the most beautiful platinum ring coated with diamonds that embraced a flawless sapphire gem. I could barely compute the fact that my boyfriend had proposed to me on the top of Mt Kilimanjaro! Needless to say, both of us almost suffocated from an explosive mixture of joy and low oxygen; it was one of the most unforgettable experiences ever.

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