Cenza and Miche’le

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How We Met

Me and Miche’le met almost 8 years ago to the day…. I was going into my senior year of high school and he was getting ready to start his first year of college. I went to a random party with some friends and they knew more people there then I did so I was just hanging out being somewhat of a loner at one point. Then I seen this boy and I thought I should make some friends not knowing that meeting him was going to change my life. He introduced himself and we got to talking about everything and anything. We sat at a little tikes picnic table in the backyard of this party and when I think back it was like nobody else was even there. Hours went by and then we were interrupted by one of his friends saying they had to go. Miche’le ended that night with the most perfect first kiss and then off he went. I still can’t believe we took a picture together the night we met… who does that! But I am so happy we did, everytime I look at that photo I can remember every amazing detail of meeting my Prince Charming. 8 years later and we have traveled and seen the world together and have been on so many adventures but I think this will be my favorite one!

how they asked

So we planned a weekend trip to Niagara Falls for my 25th birthday. I have never been and Miche’le went once when he was younger. I was super excited because I love traveling to new places and we always have so much fun together. We got here Saturday around 5:30pm and cleaned up and went to dinner at this unreal restaurant that over looked the falls and then danced the night away. It was a perfect first night in Niagara with my best friend. We wake up Sunday and get some breakfast, little did I know this is when the nerves set in for him and he was slightly freaking out. We had the Maid of the Mist boat ride schedule so we were heading to do that. We walk through the park and you have to wait in some lines and walk through and then down to the boat we go. We got our very cool ponchos and then next stop was the boat. This boat ride was the coolest thing ever they took us right under the falls and you get hit with water and wind and we were just laughing and in awe of Falls, such a cool experience. As the boat gets out of the splash zone and heading back to the dock I stared taking more pictures and ask a girl to take some of us also. Then Miche’le said I want one more picture with my hat on and I said okay little did I know he put the phone on video and just handed it to the girl and just gave her a look… thank god she caught on! So I’m concerned about his hat and trying to fix it and he gets down on one knee and says the most amazing things and asks me to marry him. I couldn’t of imagined this happening any other way and I’ve had a permanent smile ever since.

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