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How We Met

Liliana: It was 5 years ago, on my first day on a new job. It was very early and I was really nervous about my first day, and I remember to see Celso arriving at work very happy and cheering, saying hello to everyone. He came next to me and said “Hello” and I automatically thought he was my boss, because they are a little similar, so I said “Good morning Luís, I was waiting for you”. He laughed and said I’m not Luís, my name is Celso. I got blushed and I apologized. Two years later we were dating. I just knew he was ‘The One’! He is a wonderful man, I can’t wait to share my life with him. He is everything that I’m not so he completes me in every way. I’m lucky to have him by my side, being my partner in this adventure called life. I need to thank him, for supporting me in the past few years, I know it was hard, I don’t forget that. Thanks for being light in my life when I needed most.

Celso: I knew that she was the one because she is someone who completes me in my day to day life, and with which I know that I can count always to improve every aspect of myself. I felt that when we travel together we completely disconnect from the problems that surround us, and for that, after so many setbacks in her life, I would be sure that I would be prepared to spend the rest of my life with her!

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how they asked

Celso: I knew the place that I was going to propose would have to be a heavenly and relaxed place. But I didn’t want the location to be obvious, because she is quite perceptive and might figure out what I was planning. I knew we had to get an excuse to have a photo shoot. That’s why I, the photographer Mayline and Tedi from Flytographer came up with the plan that session had been a prize of a contest that I had won. On the big day I was a little nervous. I remember trying to memorize my speech in the sea while she was sunbathing on the beach (though in the moment she barely heard half the speech, especially once she saw the engagement ring!)! I also remember the care I had to take with the ring box, which was too big to put in my pants pocket without her waking up to what was inside. I had to wear a shirt outside my pants, to cover the box in my pocket! We met with Mayline, and halfway through the session on the beach and by the hotel, Mayline gave me the cue that it was the perfect moment to propose, with a beautiful backdrop of palm trees framing the path, almost as if it were a natural church altar.

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Liliana: The proposal happened in a beautiful island in the Indian ocean called Mauritius. Celso told me days before the trip, that we have won a photoshoot at the hotel, and I believed without blinking (he wins a lot of contests!!). On the day of the shoot I was very relaxed, thinking about having fun during the photo session but I felt Celso a little stressed out. I was trying to hug him and he was always pulling me (now I know why! he had the ring box in his pocket!). We went to the photo session, we did a warm up and then Mayline ask us to do a little game…

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And there he was, the love of my life, down on his knees asking me to marry him. I can’t remember the words he said to me, I only remember his eyes full of tears and love, the cold hand shaking and my heart full of happiness, love and care. I totally forgot about Mayline! Now I get emotional every time I see those photos, that’s our story, our love. She captured our “yes” and our hearts wide open.

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