Céline Dion Photobombs Marriage Proposal

Celine Dion Photobombs Marriage Proposal

My boyfriend told me he wanted to take me to see my favorite performer, Celine Dion, at Caesars Palace and I was so exited! I have always loved her so I knew this was going to be a special night. Once we got to the show, they separated us into a special line and had us wait. I kept asking “why are they making us wait longer than the other people?” Nick told me to be patient so, reluctantly, I waited.

Then they walked up to our line and announced “meet and greets are this way” and I was beaming with excitement!! I was so excited that he had planned this surprise. They took us back and told us we only had 30 seconds with her when we meet her. I was freaking out saying “omg what are you going to say?! 30 seconds is so short what should we say?!”

Then, when it was finally our turn to meet her (he had set it up so that we were the last ones to meet her), we walked up to pose for a picture with her and the next thing I know, Nick was down on one knee and Celine was just as shocked as I was!!

Celine Dion Marriage Proposal

I couldn’t get any words out and I was just staring with a shocked face. She backed away to “hide” in the curtain behind us and said “if you don’t say yes, I will!”

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Then I grabbed Nicks face and kissed him. He put the ring on my finger and Celine wished us a long and happy marriage just like she had.

I WAS ELATED!! Then we sat through her show (I could barely sit still) and when it was over Nick said we should get some gelato before heading home. I was on cloud 9. We walked toward the gelato place in Caesars and there they all were! All of my family, his family and our friends (34 people) waiting with balloons and flowers to surprise us!!

It was more perfect than anything I had ever dreamed. Then. As if that weren’t enough, Nick and my parents had arranged a suite at Caesars for me and my friends to all sleep over that night to continue celebrating!! Nick’s proposal was something out of movie and there’s nothing more I could ever ask for!!

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