Celine and Daniel

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How We Met

In the Fall of 2011, Daniel and I met in our Team Dynamic class at college. The class was required for our major and as you can guess required a lot of team projects. During one class period, Daniel and I, as well as several others were working on a project when I saw Daniel’s black lab, as his desktop image on his laptop. I told him that I too had a black lab and we bonded over our dogs as we walked down the stairwell leaving the building of our class. It wasn’t until the next Spring semester when Daniel and I really began talking. In January of 2012, Daniel and I, again had another class together but this time we sat next to each other. We again bonded over our dogs and our first date was actually at the dog park! Our dogs Onyx and Milan definitely helped us break the ice!

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how they asked

Fast forward four years and two more dogs later, my aunt asked me if I would travel to Folly Beach, SC (about four hours away from where we live) to attend her friend’s wedding. When we finally arrived, we walked on the beach for a solid twenty minutes. My aunt got a bit lost and was telling me to hurry so we didn’t miss the nonexistent wedding!

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Right at sunset we arrived at the Morris Island lighthouse, and Daniel and all four of our dogs came walking out from behind some bushes in the marsh.

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With four dogs leashes, a dozen red roses, and a beautiful engagement ring in hand, Daniel got down on one knee and proposed!

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To add to the surprise, Daniel had a photographer there to capture the moment and two of our friends were there to take the dogs home because he had secretly gotten me off work in order for us to have a long engagement weekend at the beach.

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Special Thanks

Sarah Poe
 | Photographer