Celia and Shawn

How We Met

Shawn and I first met in high school. My best friends boyfriend introduced us and I eventually got the courage to ask Shawn out.  We were so young when we first started dating, our first date was at George Webbs.

I feel like our bond is special because we’ve known each other for almost ten years. We’ve watched each other grow up from being teenagers into the adults we are now. Our families are a big part of our lives, so we’re always at someone’s house over the weekend. Shawn has always been a car enthusiast and because of this we’ve been to a lot of motor sport events at Road America and other places around Wisconsin. We’ve experienced so many things together and I hope to travel more in the future!

I’ve had to go through some tough medical issues as a teenager and with every surgery Shawn stood by my side. I knew he was the one in those moments. I feel like throughout our relationship we’ve both had moments like that.

how they asked

Shawn proposed on our 8th anniversary. We went on a trip to Chicago for the day and I was so sure he was going to propose. We had gone to look at rings not too long before that. The whole day was so much fun, except for the fact that I was waiting for the proposal. We drove home and I was disappointed that it didn’t happen. We got back to his apartment and the second I stepped in the door I saw rose petals all over the floor. There were candles lit,  a bunch of pictures of us all over the coffee table with wine and chocolate strawberries. He got down on one knee and all I could do was stand there in awe.  He truly surprised me, and that’s a hard thing to do.

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