Celeste and Tyler

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How We Met

Tyler and I met within my first few days at my first job in Logistics. I shadowed him my 3rd day on the job and we very quickly found out that we knew common people and had even worked for the same company. He left the company 3 months before I started! We immediately had a connection that I could definitely sense. I didn’t want to stop talking to him.

We started chatting over the company chat platform and we placed a bet on something I can’t remember what it was but I won and my prize was he would buy the first round at happy hour. A group from work went over to the happy hour and on the walk over, he had the group take the long way around that would avoid the grass which had been wet and muddy from rain either that day. When I asked why he said that he didn’t want my shoes to get wet or muddy. I was wearing ballet flats so this would have been a problem. But I have NEVER had a guy care about my shoes like that!

He dragged me to the bar to pick out my drink. I initially just said Bud Light, not wanting him to spend a lot of money for the beer. But after a little persuasion on his part, I ordered a Daisy Cutter which apparently was the right choice! I got a compliment from Tyler and it made enough of an impact that he has brought it up since.

We sat down with the group and he and I started talking. When we talked, the whole room disappeared. It was just him and I completely into our discussion. This was a very big deal to me as I am a person who is very aware of their surroundings and I was raised to include everyone in the conversation. I didn’t even realize until a co-worker interrupted us that we were in our own world.

I had to leave but Tyler did not want to stop talking so we decided to meet up later that night. I got home and told my roommate all about Tyler and that we were meeting up later. He showed up and we shared an order of cheese sticks at the nearest pizza joint and then went to the bar closest to my apartment. That is when, after hours more of talking and yelling at the Chicago Blackhawks to win their playoff game, he kissed me.

I knew this guy was going to be very special. And it turns out, I was right!

how they asked

When Tyler and I had been dating for about 6 months, I knew that I saw my future with him. I decided to share with him a thought that I had always had. While growing up, my mom always said that we were not allowed to get married until we were 30. So I told myself that if I had found the right person, I would like to be engaged by the time I was 30 yrs old.

Tyler’s reaction was initially a little defensive. But after some thought on his part, he realized that me sharing something that was over 2 yrs away was totally not putting pressure on him. After that discussion, the thought was brought up very rarely but I didn’t want Tyler to feel the pressure. I knew he was probably putting the pressure on himself. Fast Forward…

Oct 15, 2017: It was three days before my birthday and Tyler has planned a day full of ‘Birthday Surprises’. He did a great job at keeping it a secret too! He told me what to wear and what time I needed to be ready by. I didn’t try to get hints or figure out where we are going (as I normally would). I wanted this day that he spent so much time and effort into to actually have surprises.

We started off with coffee and bagels at a Hyde Park coffee shop. We sat there and talked. That is when he spilled the first surprise, a full day at the Museum of Science and Industry (MSI). I was so excited to get to go! I had interned there out of college and it held a lot of great memories for me. To make it even better, Tyler had booked a lot of exhibit tours as well! It was his first time at the museum and it was amazing to see MSI through a first timers eyes.

At about 2 pm I was starting to get hungry and all that walking was taking a toll on my feet. Tyler found a small neighborhood bar a few blocks away from the museum. We sat there, Tyler was able to have one of his favorite beers, Three Floyds Zombie Dust, and we shared a double cheeseburger and fries.

We were having so much fun but after such a long day already, I was starting to get tired. I was also very sore from a previous days workout. So the combination of tired and sore, I was ready to move on. I asked Tyler if we could go to our next stop and he did everything he could to stall me. He did such a great job too. I will have to admit, I was having a little tantrum but Tyler stayed positive the entire time.

4 pm rolls around and Tyler says that we can go now. I was so excited! We walked out of the bar and there was a super stretch limo outside of the bar. Tyler turned to me and said that this was for us! What?! The only time I had ever been in a limo was with approximately 25 other people. Now it was Tyler and me in a 12 person limo! It kind of took me a bit to process because I would have never thought of a limo! I pulled out my phone and did a snapchat video of our first few minutes. I was so excited to see what he had in store.

I will have to rewind a little bit and say that I knew Tyler was going to propose at some point. I didn’t know if it would happen on that day and I didn’t want to think about it or build any expectations. But when we were in the museum, I did sneak off a text to one of my best friends, Kim, to tell her I doubt he was going to do it today. I mean, we were at a museum! He knows I love them but I didn’t think he would propose (too many kids around anyway ;) ).

So we are sitting in the limo and the limo pulls off of Lake Shore Drive towards Alder Planetarium which if you didn’t know, is one of my FAVORITE views of the city. In fact, the previous summer when we were at an Adler After Dark event, I told Tyler this spot would be a great proposal spot. (hint hint)

So we are heading right for it and I immediately know. This is it! He is going to propose! I turn and I look at him and I can tell Tyler is freaking out. His lips are white and he has his full attention on his phone. I ask him if he is looking at his Fantasy Football teams points which he gives me a quick yes but I don’t think I could distract him or myself.

We get out of the limo and head towards the lakefront path. I am not even looking at the incredible view, I am looking for my best friends who I am convinced are hidden amongst the crowd. Tyler asks me to take a selfie with us and the skyline. I jump at the chance since he is not a fan of photos. After he takes a photo he then says that he messed up and puts his phone away and gets down on one knee and pulls out the ring of my dreams!

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And then we both blackout! I am not kidding! He said what I’m going to assume is the sweetest things ever and all I can remember is jumping up and down yelling YES! He doesn’t remember a thing about what he said either. So it will always remain a secret I guess.

I do remember looking up and seeing a photographer taking photos of us. Tyler hired a photographer to capture the moment. Even better, we had him for an hour. So for an hour, we got to soak up the love and change in our relationship with just us. And then the celebrating began!

We got back in the limo and I started calling and texting family and friends! I thought that would be the end of the night but NOPE! Tyler has other plans. Our first stop was Eno Bar. It is a wine, cheese, and chocolate bar and we had all three plus a flute of delicious champagne!

Afterwards, we had the limo driver drive all through the city because who knows when you are going to able to see a city like Chicago from a limo!? The final stop was to Whirlaway. It was a very special stop as Whirlaway is the bar where Tyler and I shared our first kiss and first heart to heart. It holds a really spot for us and it was the perfect way to end the amazing day.

We have had a crazy ride of a relationship to get us here BUT it has been such a fun ride. We can’t wait to create more memories as we go into our wedding day and try not to black out during the important parts.

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