Celeste and Thomas

How We Met

Tom and I met 3 years ago through mutual friends. It was our last year of college (5 year victory lap!) and Halloween weekend. To be honest, I am an extroverted introvert. Love people, love being with people, but I am a huge homebody that’s early to bed and early to rise. This weekend was no different. I got a text from my friends begging me to come out to the bowling alley and just like every other weekend I had moaned and groaned about getting my butt up to get ready but knew I should go. Once we got there, I looked over and saw this extremely attractive guy and remembered asking my friend “Who is THAT? He’s really cute.” And… that’s where it all started. You see, I wasn’t really the kind of person who ever said things like that to my friends. So to them, this was a HUGE deal. My friend and Tom’s best friend started talking back and forth (totally plotting) and I remember saying in my very natural sarcastic tone “See, this is why I don’t tell you guys stuff.” and decided that was my cue to head home and get cozy in bed where I belonged. The next day, I got another text asking if I would DD my friends downtown to a Halloween party, which was a title I proudly held in our friend group because I wasn’t much of a drinker and it was always nice knowing my friends were safe. When we walked in, I locked eyes with this really attractive guy who was dressed up as…a bunny? No, a pig. Right? What the heck is he? Turns out that guy was Tom. And he was the kid from a Christmas Story. Whoops. But it made for a really good conversation when he was actually offended I thought he was a pig. We spent most of the night talking, dancing, and at the very end of the night he kissed me. And this is where we wish we could tell you it was romantic but, it was like a short dad peck and he then awkwardly walked away not knowing my number or anything. So again, this is where I said it was probably time to call it a night and went home. Come to find out, Tom’s friends were completely shocked that he did this because if you know Tom at all, he is not the kind of person to randomly kiss a stranger. His friends and my friends talked about how Tom must have really liked me to attempt such a bold move. So instead of the moment being awkward, in my eyes, it was adorable.

The next day, imagine my surprise when I found out Tom lived next to one of my really good friends. So when I went over to our friend’s apartment, Tom was there. We. just. kept. running. into. each other. The next two weeks we ended up hanging out a lot. Tom would ask me to study in the library, come over to my apartment after Qdoba Wednesdays to hangout with our friends, and bring me my favorite .5 lead mechanical pencils when mine ran out of lead (he told me he had extra but he totally went to Target just to buy them.) I am not sure when we really “happened” but it was just really natural. We complimented each other. He enjoyed my sarcastic humor, I laughed at all of his dad jokes, and we brought out the best in each other. My friends constantly told him how they never saw me like this with anyone. And his friends said the same exact thing to me. The rest was history. We just became “Tom & Celeste” and we were never more sure of anything.

Fun fact: a month into knowing each other, before Tom ever told me he loved me, he told me he knew he was going to marry me one day. Three years, a house and a dog later, I can finally say he was right.

How They Asked

Everyone keeps asking if I had any clue it was happening and to be completely honest, I had NO idea. All week I kept asking Tom if he felt okay because he seemed really stressed out but he assured me that he was fine, work was just really busy. So I didn’t think anything of it.

On Friday, November 30th 2018, my friend & I volunteered at an organization that needed help wrapping gifts for foster children. We planned on setting up a double date afterwards with our guys and just having dinner at a nearby restaurant. Later in the week, Kaitlynn said how fun it would be if we went to Detroit for dinner instead and scoped out the cute Christmas set up in downtown Detroit. I am a sucker for the holidays so it didn’t take much convincing on my end. We told the guys plans changed and what we wanted to do instead. They of course said whatever we wanted to do was fine with them and I thought it was any other date night. The whole drive to dinner Tom played it off like he wasn’t a fan of how busy it was going to be. I just kept saying we didn’t have to be long because our dog, Winston, was being pup sat by our friends and I didn’t want to make them keep him too long.

After dinner we were walking around taking photos in the city and we saw this really pretty tunnel of greenery and Christmas lights. Me being the person I am, I instantly thought “cute pictures!!!” and we all gathered for a little photoshoot. Obviously still completely oblivious at this point. We get to the end of the tunnel and Kaitlynn’s husband, Justin, said it was a perfect spot for a photo and he would take ours. So naturally, we posed, took a couple of photos and then I said “Okay, your turn! Let me take it.” but Justin and Kaitlynn weren’t moving. I made some snarky comment about letting me take their photo and that’s when I hear “Hey Celeste…”, look over my right shoulder, and there was Tom, down on one knee with the BIGGEST smile on his face that I had ever seen.

Neither of us really remember his whole speech since we both blacked out due to excitement. But I remember saying “are you serious?” over and over again. It took me what seems like forever to process what was happening. But finally, I told him of course I would marry him and flung into his arms completely disregarding the ring and couldn’t let go.

Once I got myself together enough to stop sobbing, Tom started laughing asking if I was going to put the ring on that I totally forgot was there and that was the first look I actually got of the most perfect ring Tom custom designed that is more me than anything I would have picked. I could hear some faint cheering, looked over and coming out of the trees were our parents and our pup Winston (who Tom made sure was picked up for this exact moment!), with two secret photographers to capture everything on camera. Having photos from our proposal is something we will always cherish, because it truly shows every emotion we felt in that very moment. I never was the kind of girl to dream about this day… until I met Tom. And to absolutely no surprise, our actual proposal exceeded every dream I had ever had.

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