Celeste and Jeff

how they asked

Jeff and I grew up in the same town and had the same classes growing up but it wasn’t time. We graduated high school and 2 years later we were brought together at a going away party for a mutual friend that was leaving for the Marines and we fell for each other right away! We have dated for a little over 5 years and moved into our first place together this past September. On Christmas Eve Jeff gave me a card. I was reading the card and after reading his emotionally filled card I found him down on one knee right in front of our Christmas Tree. He asked me to be his wife and make him the happiest man in the world. I screamed, “You’re doing this right now?!” A few times before getting out the word YES! We celebrated in the first place that is completely ours and it couldn’t be more perfect. I could not be more excited to be engaged to the most hardworking and loving man that is also my best friend!

Image 1 of Celeste and Jeff