Celenia and Cameron

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How We Met

When Tinder got popular, I had no intentions of ever using it. I had just gotten out of a relationship earlier that year and had no intentions getting into another one for a while. I wanted to focus on school. My friend Maddie convinced me to get one and we would sit and just laugh at some of the pickup lines these guys would come up with.Then one night, as I was coloring Maddie’s hair, she asked if she could swipe on this one guy, his name was Cameron. I said yes and went on with the rest of the night. Later, I see that Cameron and I were a match and he had said the dorkiest thing. He said “whats up shawty?” (referring to my height) I laughed and thought I would actually respond to this one. Again, not looking for a relationship, we talked every once in awhile and finally met up after a month of texting. Me being stubborn, I thought he was cute, smart, funny, I still didn’t want a relationship. We ended communication for a bit cause finals were coming up and I was so stressed out. Knowing how stressed I was, he sent me flowers to my job and I knew I couldn’t pass him up.

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how they asked

Cameron and I both love to travel. We both wanted to experience and learn about new cultures so we spent a lot of time researching different countries. The day after getting back from Ireland, we both agreed that Thailand would be where we would end up next. We ended up deciding that we would go to Thailand for our second year anniversary.

Fast forward to the day of – That morning we were goofing off in the water and I had mentioned us staying at the beach until we had to head out for our dinner reservation. Cameron kept insisting that we go out and do something before dinner but again me being stubborn, I kept saying no. I kept mentioning that being lazy by the beach was the best way to spend our anniversary and though he agreed, he still was very hesitant about doing something else. I ended up giving in and we went back to the hotel to get dressed. As we were getting ready, he mentioned that he had something special planned for our anniversary but he didn’t want me to get my hopes up and think he was proposing.

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A taxi picked us up and took us to a beach that was about 45 minutes from Phuket. We met with two “tour guides” who were taking us on a long tail boat to Bon Island. While on the boat, I was looking at the island as it was coming and saw that there wasn’t anything on it. He told me not to think he was proposing, so I was trying to think of other things we could possibly do on this small empty island. We got off the long tail boat to this desserted beach where one of the “tour guides” sat on a rock and insisted we kept going. We climbed over some rocks and I look at Cameron and said “you should’ve told me we were going to be climbing over rocks, I wouldn’t have worn sandals and a dress” he chuckled nervously (I was still so oblivious to what was going on) as he was trying to make sure I wasn’t going to slip on the rocks.

After climbing over numerous rocks, the other tour guide stepped aside so Cameron and I would get in front of him. Me not knowing what’s going on, I waited for him to get back in front of us and Cameron kept walking and the tour guide just waved for me to keep going. I then looked at Cameron and asked if he knew where he was going and told me to look. I was so busy worrying about the tour guides being behind us that I didn’t notice this small private beach was covered in rose petals and at the very end of the beach was rose petals in a shape of a heart with candles.

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He walked me into the heart where he mentioned that he was doing what he told me not to think he was doing. I was shocked at that very moment the only thing I could think of was “Are you sure? Did you ask my dad? Are you for sure sure? This better not be a joke cause I will cry!” We hugged and kissed and as he was about to put on the ring, he ended up dropping it in the sand. (He says I knocked it out of his hand when I was going in for the hug, but we both know he was nervous and just accidentally dropped it)

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I was so excited to call my family and announce our engagement, but the 12 hour time difference made me wait till the next day. The “tour guides” ended up being photographers and were absolutely amazing and so sweet.

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Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I was worthy enough to deserve a man so loving and romantic to do something like this for me.. It was perfect!

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