Celebrity Marriage Proposals: an Infographic!

We’re thrilled to bring you an infographic in partnership with Brilliance – a leading retailer of diamonds, engagement rings, and fine jewelry. We came up with 7 creative celebrity marriage proposals, plus a few surprising facts about each couple.

As a teaser: Pink was actually the one to do the asking and Nick Cannon used a candy ring to pop his question to Mariah!

7 celeb proposals

So, what do you think? Did these celebs do a good and romantic job proposing?

Big thanks to Brilliance for working together on this infographic. Here’s what’s great about Brilliance: their conflict-free jewelry is manufactured in the US, all their diamonds are hand-picked by gemologists, their customer service is fantastic, and they’re absolute pros in the diamond industry.

Oohhh and Ahhh at all their engagement rings here! Here’s one of my favorites: