Celeana and Mike

Celeana's Proposal in Barcelona Spain

How We Met

Mike and I met while we were both working at Target. I had just been transferred to his store for the summer. From the moment we were introduced to eachother there was a magnetic attraction between us. We found ourselves picking projects to work with eachother, taking lunches together, and began hanging out outside of work. We were virtually together everyday and when we weren’t, we wanted to be. I had hoped that my transfer would become permanent so that I could keep seeing him. No one had ever made me laugh or smile as hard and as sincere as he had. As the summer came to an end, I was offered a position at his store and I was immediately at ease. As thing between us became more serious, I eventually left Target so we could be together, officially.

how they asked

My best friend Jill was teaching English in Spain and would be there for a year. We decided to take our vacation and visit her in the beautiful city of Asturias. We spent a few days there and all flew down to Barcelona together for the weekend. In Barcelona there’s a beautiful outdoor museum known as Parque Guell. Parque Guell was created by world famous architect Antoni Gaudi, known for his mosaic art. At the very top of this mosaic park, you can see the entire city meet the calming ocean. Since they only let a few hundred people in the park at a time, we bought our tickets for 8pm, just enough time to watch the sunset over the city from this beautiful view. When we got to the park the ticket taker informed us that we had purchased tickets for the wrong date and would be allowed in the next day (the day we were scheduled to leave Barcelona). Mike and Jill’s face turned pale as they were trying to hide the proposal and their disappointment. Jill went to the ticketbooth and told them of Mike’s proposal plan and they issued us tickets to be let in that very moment. When I asked her how she got immediate tickets she said “there’s not a lot of people in park right now so they were nice enough to exchange the tickets”. I was so excited I couldn’t wait to explore the park! We explored our way up to the top and I took in that famous view with Mike by my side. Jill “was taking pictures” but she was actually recording. As I put my arm around Mike looking out into the city, I feel him pull away and reach into his blazer pocket. I knew right there what was about to happen. He got down on one knee, took my hand, and asked me to make him the happiest man alive and be forever his. His timing with the sunset was impeccable. I began to cry and obviously said Yes! As I hugged him and kissed him I could feel his heart beating faster than I had ever heard. I told him “you can relax now, did you think I was going to say no?!” He laughed and cried.The crowd cheered and applauded for me and my new fiance, it was like nothing ive ever felt before. Jill had known the whole time and i am so grateful she was there to capture the memories. And that’s how Barcelona became my favorite city in the world!

Celeana and Mike's Engagement in Barcelona Spain