Cecily and Rodriguez

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how they asked: Aaron is the most romantic man in the whole world. He took me out on a date to celebrate our 2 year anniversary f our first date. He took me to the same restaurant named Cuba in the city. We ordered the same exact meals and just being there I was overwhelmed with such joy and happy tears. After we ate desert we were going back outside to our car. It was raining so I began to run across the street. I didn’t see Aaron next to me and I heard a crowd of people running behind me. When I turned around all of our friends and family was running behind me with Aaron. Aaron told me after 2 years were still here I love you so much. I was overwhelmed and couldn’t remember the rest but he dropped to one knee in the rain and said will you marry me. I said YESSS. My fiancé proposed to me in the rain kissed me in the rain and because of him I now love when it rains.