Cecily and Antwan

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How We Met

We grew up on the same street, a few houses away from each other. Antwan moved away after a few years.What was supposed to be a simple birthday dinner, changed when myself and my good friend walked into the restaurant. All meeting up, he immediately noticed me and made that very clear when he shouted my name from across the room. The moment was full of excitement, being that they had not seen each other since we were teenagers. Sitting directly across from one another we, now both grown had finally reconnected. By the end of the dinner he had asked me for my number. Although I was reluctant, I agreed. My cell phone was dead and there was no way to carry on the conversation after we left the restaurant. To his surprise after heading back home I had called him! And from that very moment we have been inseparable.

how they asked

After a long morning we were getting ready for an event. Our youngest daughter, who at the time was only 4 months old was a bit cranky and I was looking all over the place for her pacifier. Dad was helping me search as I tried to console her and get her to stop crying. After about 20 minutes of searching he came to me in excitement. “I found it!” He yelled and I turned around with that thought in my head, “THANK GOODNESS!”. As I turned around and grabbed the pacifier there was something shining from around it. It was a diamond ring! I immediately turned back around and said “Omg babe!”, in disbelief. There he was on one knee! I started to cry so hard it went from being an exhausting morning to one of the best days of my life! The most beautiful, creative engagement I could have ever asked for!