Cecilia and Scott's Ski Proposal

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How We Met – by the bride

Meeting Scott is a moment that I think will make a believer out of most people. I was going through something that was very emotionally exhaustive, and had shook my faith a little. So on that Sunday morning I was debating whether I really wanted to do the 1.5hr journey to church or if I could spend the day sulking in my bed.

However, on this particular morning I had this feeling that if there was any day that I really should go, it was today. I wasn’t sure why, but it felt urgent and like I would make a very stupid mistake if I didn’t go.

The church is very big with a lot of members between the ages of 18 and 30, and most of them are looking to find that special someone. As reverence was called for during the sacrament meeting I made a decision and said a prayer that not only did I want to stay in the church, regardless of what I was going through, but I also wanted to meet my future husband here.
40 minutes later Scott came up and said hi.

We quickly became a serious item and joked early on about marriage, both knowing that it really was more serious than just a joke. Almost 4 months to the day after our first date he proposed in my favourite place in the whole world.

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how they asked – by the groom

We both knew early on that we wanted to be together forever. We are both massive mountain and snow lovers, and I decided that when the time came, I would ask her to marry me on a mountain top. We planned to go on a skiing trip with her family, so I organised to go over to her house the night before, an hour earlier than she would be home so that I could ask her parent’s permission. Despite some nerves, they fortunately said yes.

The day arrived, it was a beautiful sunny day in the mountains, perfect skiing conditions and we were having a wonderful time. I had decided where I wanted to do it – the highest point in the resort, a secluded, oft-forgotten peak. As we sat in the lift approaching the peak, I was so excited, I just wanted to put the ring on her finger!

When we got to the top we decided we would have a nice picture together with the beautiful backdrop. We hunted around for the perfect place and were so lucky to find a great spot, and fortunately there was another person at the top, so I sent Cecilia to go and stand in position whilst I asked him to take a picture. As I handed him the camera, I told him I was about to propose and would love him to take as many pictures as possible to capture it all. By this stage I was so excited, I ran to the spot to join her, and we posed for a picture – then the moment came. I turned to her, told her I loved her and didn’t want to spend my life without her, dropped to my knee and asked her to marry me – and she said “Yes!”

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