Cecilia and Mike

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Washington DC

How We Met

Mike and I met, end of the year 2013. I was working at La Fitness In downtown Atlanta, Ga, and Mike was a regular member coming into the workout. That’s where I first saw him. I remember thinking, that he looked mean, and I’d never seen him smile. Lol Until I did see him smile, and then it was all I could think about! He then found me on social media, we started talking, hanging out, and quickly became best friends!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Washington DC

How They Asked

My (then boyfriend, now Husband) asked me to marry him, in probably the most memorable of ways. I had just graduated from AIT (Army Individual Training), your job training after Basic training and He surprised me with a trip to Washington DC. Knowing I had never been before, Mike suggested that we both wear our ASU uniforms and take some pictures. We drove up to Washington from Fort Lee, Va, and met up with some family friends of ours. We got in position to take start taking some pictures when Mike grabbed me into a close embrace. He started talking about the (then in office) President Obama. How he was not only a man running the country but was also a father with a wife and two daughters. How strong of a Man he has to be. Me, just listening to Him talk..

Mike then held me super tight and super long, released me, got down on one knee, and pulled out the ring! Asked me to marry him right in front of the White House! I cried the ugly cry, with the ugly big tears, of course. Said “Yes of course!”, and he slipped the ring on my finger!

It was a perfect day! And We have been married for 3 years!