CBS' The Insider Host Michael Yo's Adorable Vineyard Proposal

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How We Met: The pair met nearly a year and a half ago, when Shandi Finnessey, Miss USA 2004, overheard Yo at a red carpet event telling Sharon Osborne that he was ready to settle down. Los Angeles Celebrity Proposal Photography Michael Yo“She said, ‘I have the perfect girl for you, but you have to be serious,’” he recalled.

After Yo assured her that he was looking for love, she put the two in touch. It was the day before Valentine’s Day 2013. Both Yo and Schreiner agreed that they would wait until the day after Valentine’s Day for their first date, just in case. But it turned out neither one of them had anything to worry about, because they instantly clicked.

He was immediately drawn in by her stunning beauty, smile and personality. Conversation was easy over breakfast at Blue Jam on Melrose, where the pair met up in person for the first time.

“We were laughing the whole time,” said Yo. “To this day, we still sit around just laughing,” he added.

Three months in, he knew she was the one. He said he didn’t want to admit to himself that he knew so quickly, but their connection was undeniable.

“We just get along,” he said. “She’s strong at everything I’m weak at. She calms me. When I see her I relax. All the pressure’s taken away. We don’t argue, we’re always supportive of each other. No one can believe it when I tell them we’ve never had an argument. With Claire, nothing’s been hard. I know relationships are supposed to be hard work, but being with her has been so easy!” He gushed.

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how they asked: Michael Yo, actor and co-host of CBS’ The Insider, opted for an original approach to his L.A. marriage proposal last weekend by hiring Paparazzi Proposals and James Ambler to shoot his star-studded engagement to girlfriend, Miss Wyoming 2010, Claire Schreiner.

Yo had Ambler and the Paparazzi Proposals team help him plan and capture his romantic vineyard proposal at celeb favorite Malibu Family Wines. True to paparazzi-style form, Schreiner had no idea that anyone was documenting her absolutely priceless reaction when the couple’s french bull dog Paul ran up with the ring attached to his collar, and Yo dropped to one knee.

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He presented her with a stunning teardrop diamond ring from renowned celebrity jeweler Peter Young.

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Ambler and his perfectly positioned team discreetly snapped away, catching the big moment from every angle with photos and video.

“She didn’t know they were even taping or taking photos until I pointed them out. That’s what I loved about the whole thing— they stay hidden until you point them out!” Yo gushed about the experience.

As the pair celebrated their big moment, Kendall Jenner, who by chance had been enjoying the winery’s safari with friends, saw the happy couple, recognized Michael and came over to congratulate the pair.

Yo grew close to the Kardashian-Jenner clan after working as the radio producer for the show Khloe After Dark on E!’s Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami.

Yo heard about Paparazzi Proposals when he was assigned to do a piece featuring proposal photographer and planning expert, Ambler. As part of the background research, he reached out to one of his friends who had her proposal shot with Ambler’s unique brand of surprise engagement photography and absolutely loved the experience.

“I thought it was such a cool idea. Then I thought, who better to shoot your proposal? I want people that actually do this for a living, and they know how to get the great shot,” he said, adding “It’s easy to pose in front of the camera, but it’s hard to get the right shot.”

When it came time to propose, Yo made sure the whole day was a celebration of Schreiner and their love.

He carefully selected the venue for its stunning photo opportunities and unique offerings, and decided specifically on Ambler’s paparazzi-style engagement photography to give Schreiner the celeb treatment.

“I want my girl to be a star today,” he said. “She’s my superstar.”

Michael wanted the entire day to be full of amazing surprises. He told Schreiner that he was out of town to eliminate any suspicion that he might have a proposal plan in the works.

Then, he had Schreiner’s friend and Teen Wolf actress Meagan Tandy invite her to a “PR event” at the winery where he planned to propose. The friends toured the grounds while Yo waited nearby with Paul (equipped with a RingCam to capture it all) for the perfect moment.

He also arranged for Schreiner’s best friend and makeup artist Brenna Mader, whom she hadn’t seen in two years, to join them after he popped the question and to do her hair and makeup for their engagement shoot and had her close friends and family join them afterwards for a surprise engagement party.

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