Caylie and Nick

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How We Met

Nick and I actually met online. He worked as an administrator for a hospital in Dallas, Texas and I was an athletic trainer and teacher about an hour south of Dallas. We both decided to give the online dating a chance because we weren’t meeting the right kind of people and just did not have the time to find people outside of work.

Anyways, so Nick and I matched up and he asked me out to dinner in Dallas. I at the time was pretty skeptical and almost too lazy to make the date (haha)… But luckily for him, I found him to be very handsome from his photos and I didn’t want to let him slip away. So I agreed to meet him at a restaurant called the “Iron Cactus” in downtown Dallas on a Saturday night.

Now, I don’t know if y’all know anything about downtown Dallas on a Saturday night (like me at the time)… But traffic is crazy. 3 lanes, turn into 4 lanes and there is no such thing as parking. You must valet park. And in my case, people from small towns, don’t know how to valet park! People were screaming at me left and right, honking and telling me to keep driving forward..: I missed valet 4 separate times! I was at my breaking point and was about to just give up on the date completely.

Before I gave up, I decided to call Nick to let him know what was going on (he was already in the restaurant waiting for me… and had already paid for my valet, haha). As soon as I told him the situation, he told me to just ignore everyone and park on the side of the road so he could run down and rescue me from this madness.

While waiting for him, I asked him what he was wearing so I could tell which stranger was jumping into my car (yikes, haha). I knew to look for someone walking on the phone, but that was everyone at the time. Anyways, he told me that he was wearing a black shirt, white shorts and black shoes. So I’m looking around, and I see a man, wearing a black shirt, white shorts and black shoes, while searching… BUT! He did not match Nick’s profile AT ALL! Different race, weight and hygiene!! I tell y’all, I almost had a heart attack! Right before put my car into drive, I see my Nick walk by the other man… My heart sank. He never looked so good, haha!

We had a great laugh about it, he rescued me from valet and we pretty much knew we had found our other half that night. The rest was history!

how they asked

So nick and I decided to have our Christmas photos taken with our puppies this year. We had just taken two new jobs in Austin, Texas and we were excited to share how happy our little family was in our new location. Nick asked me to find a photographer that I liked and he would book the appointment.

I found J. Bell Photography in Austin, Texas and just thought they were incredible! (Highly recommended them if you live in the area)

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Anyways, during our session, the photographer had us look away from each other because “he wanted to try this new and trendy pose”. The photographer asked me to turn around and when I did, Nick was on his knee. I was a little confused because I was wondering if, 1. Was he proposing, haha! OR, 2. Was this part of the photographers “trendy pose”!

Nick asked me to come closer and that’s when I saw the box… I don’t think I was supposed to be on my knees too, but it kind of just happened when he asked those 4 words and I saw the ring, haha.

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The ring was beautiful and I could see how nervous he was… Heck, I was shaking and in such shock that I don’t even remember if I said “yes”, haha. I got the ring and the man of my dreams though! I couldn’t be happier.

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Thank God for valet parking.

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