Caylee and Steven

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Sedona arizona

How We Met

Steven and I met back in 2015 on my college campus. He was just visiting from California and I permanently live in Arizona. One morning I got a text from Our mutual friend asking to bring over McDonald’s breakfast (which I missed the time cut off) because he and his buddies had a bit too much to drink last night. I am normally never the type of girl who will just go over to a guys apartment with two other dudes there but something told me I should, so I did. Turns out steven and was there and I hated him. We did not like each other to begin with, I left and that was that. The next time Steven came to visit from California he had gotten my number from our mutual friend and asked if I wanted to go out to eat (turns out he only wanted me for my car so I could take him) so clearly still wasn’t fond of him. After lunch, I brought him to meet my horse and we just hung out the rest of the day. From there he made a few more drives from California to Arizona to see me, before eventually asking me to be his girlfriend on August 21, 2015. After serving a year deployment, Steven eventually left all his friends and family and moved to Arizona So we could live together in 2017.

how they asked

Steven and I love to travel together, before and even after he moved to Arizona to be with me, we traveled all over this state and even Hawaii. Steven is a member of the United States Army, so before he left on a year deployment overseas we made a trip up north to Sedona. Sedona was one of the first places we ever traveled to together. Since, Steven and I have traveled to Sedona quite a few times it is one of our favorite places to visit and is beyond gorgeous. I am graduating from college in December with two bachelors degrees. I love my home state so much, so I felt it only fitting to take my senior photos up in Sedona. One of my best friends agreed to be my photographer and we planned a trip up there one weekend to take them. One of Steven’s best friends even made the drive down from California to gonwirg us (now it makes more sense why). The day of the photos was hectic, the wind was so strong so my hair fell and was a mess. The heat was intense and Sedona was insanely busy. Plus on top of it all the last location my friend and Steven chose was a cash only park with no cell service that was closing earlier then we expected. So bottom line I was stressed. The last location spot was absolutely gorgeous, Steven and my friend could not have chosen somewhere better. The area was next to a creek and river bed that flowed to Cathedral rock, a ginormous rock that showcasedSedona’ss beautiful ionic red rock. We arrived much later then expected and only had a few moments of sunset left to squeeze in two outfit. Steven I noticed was being stressed as well as my best friend. I threw on my last dress for my last set of photos. After my friend snapped the last picture she wanted, Steven came over and grabbed both my hands. I noticed his eyes were filled with tears and his hands were shaking.

Caylee and Steven's Engagement in Sedona arizona

We have a pretty playful banter with each other so I made fun of him for crying asking what he was doing. The entire time talking to me he mad absolutely no sense, he spoke complete gibberish until he got down on one knee and pulled out a ring. My intial reaction was shock and I actually said no and turned and walked away! Steven jokes telling me he was actually expecting that from me so he patiently waited on his one knee for me to come back (which of course I did). However there was a group of tourists behind us and they were not expecting that reaction. After the initial proposal my best friend who had been taking photos came over crying to hug me and so did Stevens best friend. It was a beautiful moment shared with our closest friends. Turns out Steven had the proposal planned for months and would use code words to talk to my best friend Incase I ever were to find out. He even hid the ring in his ammo box cause he knew that’s somewhere I’d never look! Steven put so much thought and detail into our day I could not ask to marry more of a better man.

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